Harry Shearer Was (Vocally) in Star Wars

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“Hey, thanks everybody.  You know, I’m here today as Luke Skywalker, but I’m also here to talk about Sprint.  As you can see, you stand to save up to seventeen cents a month over the more dependable providers.” – Mark Hamill  
“Ahh, talk about Star Wars!” – Data

Here’s your fun trivia fact of the day: Harry Shearer did voice work for the original Star Wars movie!  He’s not sure who he was, but he did come in and record a few lines for them.  I had never heard this before, and it’s not on his IMDb page, but confirmation comes from the man himself:

Shearer-Star Wars

Image shamelessly yoinked from the link above.

In case you can’t get the image, blogger Drew Stewart asks Shearer:

I just heard a rumor that you dubbed 1 of the Imperial Officers in the original Star Wars. True?

Shearer says “Yes.”; Stewart then asks:

Did you also voice some Rebels? How did you get involved?

To which Shearer replied:

Not clear on what-all I did. Just some words on paper. They called me in, I did it, I left.

This all got started when Stewart saw a forum post on a Star Wars site and decided to run it down via Twitter.  Well done.  There’s some speculation at the link about which lines may have been his.  None of their suggestions seem implausible, but I don’t think they’re exactly conclusive either (via). 

[Programming Note: There’s no new Zombie Simpsons for two more weeks, and while I can usually fill in the gap well enough, things are likely to be sparse around here for at least this week.  Hopefully I’ll come across more easy stuff like this.  Maybe Dan Castellaneta was a background Klingon in Star Trek III or something.]


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