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Halloween Playlists

Treehouse of Horror II11

“Now, children, you can have one piece of candy tonight and save the rest for-” – Marge Simpson

Ah, after weeks of waiting Halloween is finally here with costumes, candy and, of course, lots of “Treehouse of Horror”.  In Chicago tonight there will be a Classic Simpsons Trivia night, but it will also include:

3 classic TREEHOUSE OF HORROR episodes on the big screen!

On Twitter, our old friend @dailysimpsons has been taking votes for which episodes will get shown, but it looks like you’ll have to show up to find out.  Along similar lines, Kaplan Test Prep Daily had an article about good Halloween playlists:

After 23 years of Halloween themed-episodes — the most recent one aired earlier this month — Bart, Marge, Kang, Kodos and the rest of the “ghoulish” Groening gang have given us plenty of options from which to choose. Of course, the easiest thing to do is simply view the first five or six “Treehouse of Horrors” in a row since those are clearly the best ones. But I believe it’s possible to mix it up a bit more to come up with eight devilishly d’oh-y installments that make the perfect complement to a night of jack-o’ lantern carving or, if you’ve lost power courtesy of Sandy, to watch on a battery/generator-powered DVD player.

I’d forgo the crap from Season 20, which the article tactfully calls “a bit uneven”, but they don’t have a terrible list there (even if it does incomprehensibly not include “Treehouse of Horror II”). 

Finally, the other day we got an e-mail from reader L who put together a couple of Halloween playlists that go beyond just “Treehouse of Horror”:

Playlist 1
Treehouse of Horror
Bart Sells His Soul
Treehouse of Horror II
Cape Feare
Treehouse of Horror VII
Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 1
Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part 2
Treehouse of Horror VI

Playlist 2
Treehouse of Horror V
Bart of Darkness
The Mysterious Voyage of Homer
Treehouse of Horror IV
Some Enchanted Evening
The Springfield Files
Treehouse of Horror III

There are some good additions in there, “Bart Sells His Soul”, “Cape Feare” and “The Springfield Files” especially have some creepy, Halloween-esque elements to them. 

Personally, I tend to just watch the Treehouse of Horror episodes in order through “Treehouse of Horror VIII”.  After that I’m usually bordering on insulin shock from all the deliciously processed sugar and cocoa, so I just skip ahead to:

  • “Starship Poopers” from Season 10 which contains “I absolutely refuse to go along with this, but since I have no choice, I’ll take the alley”.  I’ve always thought that was a very subtle abortion joke, and those are damn near impossible to sneak onto American television. 
  • “Desperately Xeeking Xena” from Season 11, which gave us “a wizard did it” and “best death ever”. 
  • And even “Night of the Dolphin” from Season 12, which has “alcohol and night swimming” as well as “we’re all frightened and horny”, and it uses “glory hole” on network television, another one of those things the censors are too square to possibly catch. 

Feel free to leave your own Halloween favorites, episodes or segments, in the comments.  And if you’re in or around Chicago, Classic Simpsons Trivia night sounds like a lot of fun:

Come dressed up … perhaps as popular cartoon characters!


Quote of the Day

Treehouse of Horror V8

“Homer?  It’s Moe.  Uh, look, some of the ghouls and I are a little concerned the project isn’t moving forward.” – Moe
“Can’t murder now, eating.” – Homer Simpson
“Oh, for cryin’ out loud.” – Moe


Quote of the Day

Treehouse of Horror VII4

“I suppose you want to probe me.  Well, might as well get it over with.” – Homer Simpson
“Stop!  We have reached the limits of what rectal probing can teach us.” – Kang


Bonus Quote of the Day

What Pressure

“Homer, what’s wrong?” – Marge Simpson
“That doll tried to kill me.” – Homer Simpson
“I’d say that the pressure’s finally gotten to Dad, but, what pressure?” – Bart Simpson

Happy birthday Dan Castellaneta! 


Quote of the Day

Wreck the Car, Raise the Dead

“Dad, we did something very bad.” – Lisa Simpson
“Did you wreck the car?” – Homer Simpson
“No.” – Bart Simpson
“Did you raise the dead?” – Homer Simpson
“Yes.” – Lisa Simpson
“But the car’s okay?” – Homer Simpson
“Uh-huh.” – Bart & Lisa Simpson
“Alright then.” – Homer Simpson

Happy 20th Anniversary to “Treehouse of Horror III”!  Original airdate 29 October 1992.


Quote of the Day

Treehouse of Horror II9

“Look, Smithers, a twitch!  It’s moving, it’s alive!  Oh, that fellow at Radio Shack said I was mad, well who’s mad now?” – C.M. Burns


Quote of the Day


“You are all hereby found guilty of the crime of witchcraft.  I sentence you hags to be burned at the stake until you are deemed fit to reenter society.” – Sprynge-Fielde Mayor Quimby


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