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This week we’ve got three rather excellent foreign links, which means that I have to put my faith in the always dubious efforts of Google Translate.  There’s what I think is someone trying to learn Swedish, as well as two links to homemade Brazilian video games.  (God, I love the internet.)  In addition to that, we’ve got an article about the show from 1990, an original top ten list, lots of good YouTube, a couple of people who agree with us, proof that the kids at the University of Kansas are alright, and some great pieces of Milhouse fan art. 


Milhouse: Phase 1 – This is step one of our five part Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week, it’s a fan made piece of Milhouse art, and you can see it go from humble beginnings to two different completed versions:

I did this just for shits and giggles. Nothing really to do, so why not do a sexy Linocut/Mixed Media print of one Milhouse Van Houten.

Milhouse: Phase 2 – Here comes two:

Milhouse, getting closer to show time! Maybe 45 minutes later.

Milhouse: Phase 3 – Part the third:

Sexy proof of Thrillhouse. Not too shabby!

Milhouse: Phase 4 – Completed #1:

Here is one of the prints I did. I added a rainbow oil paint stick background to the piece. Just to try something different.

Milhouse: Phase 5 – Completed #2:

“The House always wins!”

Milhouse done in red. Because he is ferocious. Boom. Sexy.


Important Bonus Material From ‘The Simpsons’ – This was making the rounds on Twitter yesterday, but it’s still pretty cool to hear Shearer’s original, unaltered nonsense recording from “El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer”.  According to this:

In particular, Ned Flanders’s usual friendly gibberish is heightened to an absurd degree and pitch-shifted. What we didn’t know is that Harry Shearer, who voices Flanders, had to record this nonsense very carefully, as though it were a real line, and not improvise one whit.

Granizo, fuerzas de Coriolis, Bart Simpson y Australia – I’m leaning very heavily on Google Translate here, but this appears to be a Spanish speaker learning Swedish, and it includes Spanish language YouTube of the device that makes the toilet swirl the correct, American way.

Bart For PresidentThe New Republic recently got a bunch of Facebook money to try and dig itself out of the vacuous, contrarian, militaristic and racist hole it dug itself over the past thirty years.  Today their shiny new website re-ran this piece on Bart  and Roseanne from July of 1990.  There isn’t a whole lot of new information or anything, but it’s a nice little piece of context for how much the show was hated.  Also, William Bennett has been a hypocritical asshole for a very long time. 

TOP FIVE SONGS I DISCOVERED THANKS TO THE SIMPSONS – Murphy McLachlan. – No doubt about it, the show exposed me to a lot of music from before I was born that I otherwise never would’ve heard, Mason Williams especially.  Lots of good YouTube here. 

Inanimate Carbon Rod #1 for NUS President – This one comes from commenter Hannah, would you vote for the Rod? 

some pig – A detailed analysis of old animation, everything from Disney to Tex Avery and Ralph Bakshi, complete with an animated .gif of Homer, Burns and their snowmen. 

My Top 10 Simpson Episodes! – There’s one episode from Season 12 here, but other than that it’s all solid.  Good list, and some well deserved love for “Homer the Heretic” at #1. 

Chapter 3-It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – A literary analysis of the apocalypse that touches on the show, Family Guy and a bunch of other pop culture stuff. 

Some cool things from my other blog – From the same author as the above, a cool, albeit unfortunately low resolution, image of Homer at Moe’s in the style of The Last Supper. 

MCB REMAKES: Bart’s Nightmare Remake (NES) – Reader Marcelo sent in this recreation he did of the “Bart’s Nightmare” title screen in an NES emulator.  Even working with more limited resources, he’s got all the important stuff.  Bravo. 

MCB REMAKES: The Simpsons – Return of the Space Mutants (NES) – Even more impressive from Marcelo is this YouTube video of an unofficial sequel to “Bart vs. the Space Mutants” he did.  I kinda want to play that. 

Letter To The Editor: “The Simpsons” much better than “Family Guy” – This is a letter to the student paper at the University of Kansas objecting to a column that said Family Guy was better last week.  I actually came across that column and didn’t link it.  This letter does what I was too lazy to do, point out all of its factual problems.  Well done, Glenn Schongar, sophomore from Lenexa. 

El Barto – Someone visited Universal Studios in Los Angeles and got their picture taken with Bart and some of his fake graffiti. 

Construction still on the horizon at Universal Studios Florida: Transformers, Simpsons, and WWOHP – Speaking of theme parks, the Simpsons Ride in Florida is under construction, here are some (not terribly interesting, actually) pictures. 

Bart´s Life – Just a quick, subtitled image of Bart and his awful kindergarten teacher. 

Online Auction Offers ‘Simpsons’ Read-Through, Homer Voicemail Message – Castellaneta is doing a little charity giveaway for L.A. Theater Works.  I could do without the tickets to a Zombie Simpsons read through, but having him do the outgoing message on my voicemail would have some appeal. 

Director David Silverman on Oscars bid by Emmys favorite ‘The Simpsons’ – People who obsess over the Academy Awards think “The Longest Daycare” has a good shot:

Our odds have the ‘Simpsons’ short in second place with the backing of two Experts, three Editors and about 20% of our Users. That support translates into odds of 10/3, putting it well behind frontrunner "Paperman." That fusing of handrawn animation and CGI is predicted to win by 11 Experts, three Editors and 80% of our Users and has odds of 17/10

Does anyone know approximately when they give this award so I can just fast forward to that and not have to watch the rest of that boring and bloated infomercial?  

What’s With The Following’s Poe Obsession? – Damn straight:

To find out how actual Poe scholars feel about this interpretation, we got in touch with renowned Penn State professor Richard Kopley, who says he’ll take The Simpsons’  “Treehouse of Horror” over The Following any day.


So it’s safe to say that The Following gets Poe wrong. In terms of film and TV, have you ever seen Poe done right?
I think in the popular culture where we have done better with Poe is in the comedic vein. I don’t know if you’ve seen the Simpsons episode with “The Raven”? My students always go up to me and ask if I’ve seen it; they’d give me VHS tapes of it in the old days. To them, it’s, “This is Poe; isn’t this great?” And it is great.

Indeed. (via Small Screen Silver Surfer)

Homer Simpson : The Last Renaissance Man – In praise of Homer Simpson:

Someday in the distant future, anthropologists will stumble across old box sets of DVDs, and after raiding the local museum for a player, wonder aloud why Christopher Columbus got a national holiday after enslaving and murdering Native Americans, while Homer Simpson was shunned despite winning a Pulitzer, going to space, and saving Springfield from a nuclear meltdown… twice.

Decemberisty-Ramblings and A Dose of Simpsons Pop Culture – Agreeing with us while discussing the band:

Bands and the like don’t always come out of that valley. The Simpsons –which housed a recent Decemberist guest appearance– has basically struggled with the same predicament. The major difference being that after you move beyond the middle of the show’s existence (usually somewhere between seasons 11-14, depending on who you ask), it is a cliff. Rather to the point we’re at (midway through season 24), the valley hasn’t turned upward yet. And along with about 99.8% of Simpsons fans, I can’t say I’m holding my breath.

This also contains a nice link to us, thanks for that!

Why clowns are scary – Why can clowns be so creepy and scary?  A partial list:

Possibly The Best Simpsons Episode Evahhhhhh!!!! – This is just YouTube of Homer tearfully eating Pinchy the Lobster, but that is a funny scene.

WHO’S NELSON? – The joys of parenting:

Anyway, usually within half an hour of putting him to bed the hubby and i will be relaxing downstairs when the little monkey will call me from the bed hes been told to stay in….


*the tv gets paused, hubby opens the door*


and it goes on…

This always reminds me of the scene from the simpsons where Homer talks/calls to Milhouse from his kitchen window (see video below) and recently I have started adding in ‘whoooooos neeeelllllsssooooonnnn?’ to our version which always gets a giggle from the little man despite not understanding why I’m saying it


Movie 43…In 10 Words – The romantic subplot felt tacked on.

The Words With Friends Board Game…In 10 Words – I’d rather play Good Samaritan. 

Pepto Bismol…In 10 Words – You know that feeling you get when a thousand knives of fire are stabbing you in the heart? 

The Simpsons Tapped out gets valentines update – Read all about it, if that’s your thing.

Maxwell’s Return Reflects Well On Both Him And Morrell – And finally, I get to end with a soccer discussion that agrees with us:

Generally, going back to the scene of your greatest successes is fraught with danger. Expectations are too high, players are often older and a little over the hill when they rerurn, and it just doesn’t turn out right. Turning up expecting a repeat of great things can simply set you up for a fall. Have you seen “Godfather 3″, or “The Simpsons” in the past ten years? Then you know what I mean.

Sadly, I do. 

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  1. 1 February 2013 at 1:49 pm

    I don’t know if you’re interested, but I did bring up the Simpsons in this article I wrote recently:

  2. 2 abra cadaver
    1 February 2013 at 4:11 pm

    “You liked Rashomon!”

    “…that’s now how I remember it…”

  3. 1 February 2013 at 4:29 pm

    Thanks for the link to my clown post! I’m a huge Simpsons fan as well.

  4. 5 Hank
    2 February 2013 at 1:57 pm

    I take it Charlie Sweatpants doesn’t know the New Republic is and always was a center left magazine and just threw out a bunch of invective because the thought “republic” in the title meant it was a “republican” magazine.

  5. 6 onlysi91
    4 February 2013 at 10:51 am

    Thanks for linking to my blog page!

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