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The Twisted World of Marge Simpson8

“Hello, Helen.” – Marge Simpson
“Marge.” – Helen Lovejoy
“Edna.” – Marge Simpson
“Marge.” – Edna Krabappel
“Uh . . . oh.” – Marge Simpson
“Oh, my name is Agnes, and you know it’s Agnes!  It means lamb, lamb of God!” – Agnes Skinner

(Sorry this went up late.  Schedule screw up on my part.) 

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  1. 22 April 2013 at 5:33 pm

    Agnes had some great lines in this one:

    “Children are so fat these days. Isn’t there some way we can make money off of that?”

    “Gimbel’s is gone, Marge! Long gone! You’re Gimbel’s!”

  2. 2 ThisCannotBeTheFuture
    22 April 2013 at 5:37 pm

    Homer: “Wait…*when* do we get the pancakes?”

  3. 3 Steve M
    22 April 2013 at 9:22 pm

    Good line from an otherwise unspectacular episode. The ship was rapidly sinking by this point.

  4. 4 abra cadaver
    23 April 2013 at 5:38 am

    This is definitely one of the worst episodes from when the show was still good.

    ……………..oh and you probably know this already but Futurama was cancelled again. GROENING apparently said he’s going to try to the process all over again of shopping the show to other networks… Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Futurama a lot — it took me a long time, many years in fact, to warm up to the show to see how great it truly can be (though I still think there are plenty of weak episodes and I find the show a tad overrated… I actually didn’t mind some of the oft-hated movies and actually kinda liked the latest Comedy Central seasons) — BUT I think it’s about time for Groening and co. to give it up. It didn’t rate well on Fox, it didn’t rate well on Comedy Central despite promotion out the ass, and … well … it’s kinda headscratching in a way; as I just mentioned, the reaction to the movies was divided, but did the haters hate it THAT much where it caused them to stay away from the new Comedy Central seasons? And why were the old episodes — some almost 15 years old now (god, I feel old) so highlywached on Adult SWim but no one gave a fuck about the show on CC? … Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t the Futurama dvd’s sold like some kind of heated cakes?

    Anywho, I’m assuming that the show is expensive as hell to produce, probably moreso than the Simpsons in actual animation costs (I HIGHLY doubt any of the voice actors make near as much as the voice cast on OFF’s show though), so that might have a lot to do with it. Also, let’s face it, Comedy Central is a shit channel, that cancels 500 new shows a year (anyone remember Phone Jacker? Pretty neat little absurdist prank phone call show… think Longmont Potion Castle, not Crank Yankers… anyway, it only aired a few times at like 3AM on Sunday mornings and then abruptly disappeared, no promotion for the show ever existed yet CC still airs the same 20 Chapelle’s Show episodes every week)… what’s that new horrible show on there? “The Jeselnick Effect”? Yeah, like THAT’s going to last very long, ugh…

    Anyway, ranting aside, get ready for the 4th series finale to air September 4th (same night as the Breaking Bad series finale… HMMM!), though will it even be half as good as “The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings”, “Into the Wild Green Yonder (Part 4)” or “Overclockwise”? Well, since those are amongst my least favorite episodes of the show, then .. probably.

    • 5 Frank
      23 April 2013 at 10:38 am

      Thanks for this news!
      I don’t know how I feel about this – like most, I loved the 1st few seasons; I also liked the movies too; the only thing I didn’t like was that non-ending, pathetic Fry-Leela thing. But mostly, I hoped that seasons 6 and 7 would be on par with the original seasons.

      I’ve been mostly disappointed with these new episodes though – whereas the first few seasons were fun stories about a 20th century guy living in the 30th century, seasons 6 and 7 tried way too hard to be slapstick, satirical, witty and current.

      Cases in point: the episode with the “Eye” phone; the 2012/3012 end-of-the-world episode; the one where they need to find the birth certificate of a presidential candidate; the one where Leela writes her own children’s show that seemed to be exactly like an actual kids show playing right now.

      The writers are now making the mistake of bringing real-life 21st century issues to a series about life in the 31st century.

      While I liked what they were kinda doing with Zoidberg, Fry and Bender were becoming way too Flanderized. Bender is becoming Jerkass/Cuddly Bender, and Fry is becoming more even more stupid.

      In fact, it seems like the writers are making the same mistakes that they did on the Simpsons – trying too hard, writing to cater to a specific audience, and turning their characters into caricatures.

      There were a few good episodes, but more bad then good. I think it’s time to close the book on Futurama, lest it becomes as horrible as Zombie Simpsons.

      • 6 abra cadaver
        23 April 2013 at 12:32 pm

        While I thought there were quite a few clever episodes in the latest seasons — I LOVE the episode with the characters inserting their brains inside different bodies, for example — one thing that does truly annoy me about the new episodes is Leela and Fry’s romance. Don’t get me wrong, I like that Futurama is one of the only cartoons (also see: King of the Hill) that respects continuity to some degree, so i’m not exactly hoping here for there to be a Simpsons-esque reset button pressed for every new episode; characters developing meaningful relationships that sustain over seasons is an interesting idea, and don’t get me wrong, again, I HATED Fry yearning for Leela’s unrequited love in every episode… “OH LEELA I NEED THE PERFECT VALENTINE DAY CANDY HEART MESSAGE!” / “OH LEELA WILL YOU GO OUT WIT HMEEEEEEEEEEEEE?” could get annoying as fuck … but when it actually became them kissing and stuff, I don’t know what the writers were thinking… did fans really want to see Fry the loser get the hot cyclops babe? I mean, it could have worked but eh.

        It seems like when they started they did have a million ideas about the ‘world of tomorrow’ .. you know, the future… heh. .. . and it seems like they either ran out of ideas or because of the long gap between cancellation and coming back to TV (since the movies were kinda their own thing, if you get what I’m saying), they just forgot how to write their characters or something. Something does feel weird about the newer episode, but I like em well enough. But yeah, I could see the show easily being Zombie soon enough…

        For what it’s worth — not much — Groening said the final episodes are the best of all time. Hah. One good thing is this might finally motivate Groening to do a new television show.

        • 7 Frank
          24 April 2013 at 2:13 pm

          Yeah, the brain exchange episode was good – especially Hermes and LaBarbara – I’m glad they’re expanding their characters. Oh and sexy Scruffy. That was disturbing!

          About Fry and Leela – yeah, there’s continuity in their relationship, but not in a good way – Fry’s still trying to prove to Leela how much he loves her, by sacrificing himself for her; Leela’s still not sure about her feelings for him – it’s becoming like an animated Forrest Gump.

    • 8 Frank
      23 April 2013 at 10:41 am

      And don’t talk to me about Overclockwise – that was so terrible.
      At least the Devil’s Hands had Hedonismbot and the Robot Devil.

    • 24 April 2013 at 8:07 pm

      Mike Amato has, on his blog, a site like his reviewing some episodes of Futurama and very well stated and said ac. btw.

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