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“So Y equals R cubed over three.  And if you determine the rate of change in this curve correctly, I think you will be pleasanelty surprised. . . . Well, don’t you get it Bart?  Derivitive DY equals 3R squared DR over three, or R squared DR, or RDRR . . . harde-har-har.  Get it?” – Miss Milan
“Oh, yeah.” – Bart Simpson

This week we’ve got three links to that new Simpsons math book, including one upcoming author appearance and a writeup of a just completed author appearance.  In addition to that we’ve got some FCC complains, lots of YouTube, more Halloween stuff because we’re inside a week now, and plenty of usage and fan made items.  Enjoy.
Top 10 Songs from the Simpsons. Again I must stress that these aren’t in any order what so ever, because it is was too stressful to put any of these songs in order. – Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week has lots of great YouTube, and the only entry from the Zombie Simpsons era is Spider-Pig, which I can’t really complain about.
The Comic Book Gal – Not that we really need further proof or anything, but The Simpsons was never a show you needed to see as a kid to get into:

When I was in college at the University of Florida in Gainesville in 1990, we had heard of this super funny bunch of shows on this network called Fox that we didn’t have.  But this deli that was frequented by the student body called Joe’s Deli had a satellite, and every Sunday night it was SRO to watch The Simpsons, followed by In Living Color, followed by Married With Children.  My cousin/sorority sister Stephanie and I would go early to grab a table, and I would quietly and without judgment eat an entire 9-inch-long turkey sub all by myself, plus a beer I somehow managed to order despite the fact that I was only 20, because those servers at Joe’s were the fucking shit.
Week after week we did this, and our minds were blown.  This was a show for us.

Indeed.  The author is a writer who later worked with Greg Daniels and some other Simpsons-alums, and she’s got a couple of tidbits at the link.
The Raven and The Simpsons – It’s the time of the year for appreciations of Poe and “Treehouse of Horror I”.  This one comes from someone who knows all about it:

My students love this poem even though the language is initially foreign to them. What helps them is viewing this poem told by Lisa Simpson. Yes, THE Lisa Simpson. This first aired in The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror on Oct. 24, 1990.

The one thing I wondered about was how the author would sustain such a long book when mathematics is essentially simple and elegant. And the answer is that the second half of the book on Futurama. This was mildly interesting, but I didn’t read it all – it didn’t resonate in the same way The Simpsons had through my life, exploding as it did anarchic and yellow into my schooldays, following me through Friday evenings and the beginning of the weekend with my friends at Uni, and then into entertaining my own children when they were young.

Notorious Baldies – Cool fan made images of famously bald pop culture dudes, including Homer, Yoda, and – awesomely – Mr. Miyagi.
Homer Pumpkin – by Manny Pavao – Exactly what it says.  Click through for all the elaborate Halloween awesomeness.
Around the Water Cooler: “The Simpsons,” Season 25 and Imminent Death – They’re talking about that announcement of an impending character death, but it’s most revealing that this is the pertinent question:

3) Who still watches the show, and how was the Treehouse this year?

10 Changes In A Springfield Without Homer – Speaking of the dead character publicity stunt, what might it do to Springfield if they did the “unthinkable” and killed Homer?  The possibilities are endless, but here’s ten of them.
Is ‘The Simpsons’ A Show For Children? FCC Complaints Leaked – Zombie Simpsons can’t do much, but it can still piss of Grampa Simpson types who like to write letters to the editor.

 On Monday, Mother Jones asked Al Jean, a longtime Simpsons executive producer, what he thought about this archive of complaints against his show. Jean sent along the following statement:
Well, at least they weren’t complaining about us being on too long.

That job is taken.
How Nancy Cartwright (and Bart Simpson) Mind Their Bodies – It’s Cartwright’s birthday today, and Parade magazine asked her how she takes care of herself:

If you could undo one bad health habit, what would that be?
Stop licking my plate.
How do you take care of your brain and your mental health?
My brain takes care of itself. As for mental health, laughter is the best medicine!

The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets with Simon Singh – Nov 6, 2013 – If you’re in D.C. on November 6th, you can attend an event with the guy who wrote that new Simpsons math book.
Review: Simon Singh talks The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets – And here’s a writeup of a talk he gave on the book in Ireland last week.
Video: Lunatic backflips over 72ft canyon gap on mountain bike – There was a video making the rounds earlier this week from the helmet cam of a guy who ran a dirt bike down half a mountain.  That video is here, as well as Homer’s attempt at something similar in “Bart the Daredevil”.
Enough of the heavy! Watch The Simpsons :) – Another video making the rounds this week is this one with ten Simpsons facts.  There’s nothing new here, but it’s got 1.7 million views in two days, so I figured I’d mention it.

Could it be getting worse? Could we, like Milhouse Van Houten once soberly stated, be “through the looking glass” at this point? All conspiracies aside.
Though at this point, I’d take some reverse-vampire theorizing if it made sense as to how the Bears lost yesterday’s game and how on top of that we now have to deal with losing both Jay Cutler and Lance Briggs for a significant amount of time.

Diary of a Nerdy Kid: Life. Well. Spent. – The Tapped Out game has spawned an enormous number of websites and online activity generally.  This is a write up of everyone’s favorite geek curmudgeon built around his actions in the game.
The Simpsons Tapped Out- Halloween Update – It’s also worth noting that plenty of people who play the game don’t watch Zombie Simpsons:

When I clicked on the Simpsons house a few days into this update it asked me a question ‘what item of Moe’s does Homer Covet in this year’s Treehouse of Horror’s episode’ if you don’t live in America then you probably won’t know the answer – it is An Emerald Ring. This will give you Homer’s Strongman Costume!

The Smithers Test: How TV fails to depict gay characters – This is what I’m talking about when I say the show used to be way ahead of the curve and is now just as far behind it:

Much like Apu, his South Asian costar on “The Simpsons,” Smithers elicits guilty giggles but feels somehow retrograde. He’s funny because he’s a desperately lonely, effeminate gay man who collects dolls. He’s a gay character on television, but he’s more gay than character. It’s an open question as to whether or not the character would be put on “The Simpsons” were the show debuting in 2013, but as antique as the assumptions underpinning Smithers are, he’s hardly out of place on TV.

If the show had gone off the air after Season 11, Smithers and Apu would probably be remembered fondly as groundbreaking characters.  Instead they’ve hung on as outdated stereotypes that stopped being funny a long time ago.
462. Moe Letter Blues – Mike’s one good thing is sometimes hard to find:

One good line/moment: The boat smashing into the dock at Weasel Island and exploding. Random and stupid, but it was the only thing I smirked at the whole show. Also, it was a moment where something actually happened.

464. Judge Me Tender – Like, impossible to find:

One good line/moment: Nothing. Fuck this episode, and this show.

That American Idol episode was unbelievably bad.
Best. Episode. Ever. (Round 70) – Season 2 vs. Season 8.
Best. Episode. Ever. (Round 71) – Season 15 vs. Season 19 when so many better episodes go down in flames?  That randomized Excel sheet sucks.
Best. Episode. Ever. (Round 72) – Season 2 slaughters Season 15:

The writers love torturing Homer, and sometimes, with a little restraint and focus, that can make a good episode (“The Homer They Fall,” “Homerpalooza“), but this is season 15, and restraint and focus are long gone.

Ah, that’s more like it.
Best. Episode. Ever. (Round 73) – Season 5 easily handles Season 19.
Business as Usual Notebook-Paper – A paper design with sad little Bart.  I’d write on that.

Horns are blaring and Khan’s repenting—self-flagellation aplenty: “There is darkness in every inch of my veins”—but he can’t help backsliding to boasts: “I got two ladies on each arm and it ain’t doin’ me no harm.” It’s a collision between Brother Faith’s Revival and the “Twist And Shout” scene from Ferris Bueller.

The music video is . . . interesting.

As Homer Simpson once pondered: “What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind”.
Debate of a more thoughtful nature takes place at Swedenborg Hall, Bloomsbury on 6 November.

   A mysterious love heart hanging from a Brighton bridge has had drivers craning their necks in curiosity.
The object, modelled on the retro Lovehearts sweets, current carries the message Eat My Shorts.
The Simpsons cartoon reference has replaced an earlier inscription which read Heartbreaker.

Cool, they broke his brain.  Click through for a picture.
Funny _____ of the Week: October 23rd, 2013 – Just some funny TV screen grabs, including Marge and Ruth Powers at Shot Kickers.
How is the Worst Show on Television Still on the Air? – This is about Dads, but this is a horribly frightening thought:

More importantly, Family Guy is a hit with audiences in a broadcast television landscape feeling the effects of lower ratings and quick cancellations. The show is in its 12th season, and the network has little impetus to cancel the momentum of one of their few hits. Factor in syndication deals with nearly every network that shows comedy, and it’s not inconceivable that Family Guy could challenge The Simpsons’ 25-year (and counting) record for longest-running television series.

UNSCRIPTED: It’s time to say ‘farewell’ to fading ‘Simpsons’ – And finally, I get to end with a Pennsylvania newspaper columnist who agrees with us:

It’s gone from something I used to plan my Sunday nights around to something I barely even remember to watch anymore. And when I do catch an episode, I’m inevitably disappointed.


4 Responses to “Reading Digest: Math Class Edition”

  1. 25 October 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Yes, the hands that (randomized) fate deals can be cruel. But would there have been a better way? If I went through the episodes in order, half of the good episodes would be gone and half of the bad ones still in after the first round!

  2. 25 October 2013 at 10:04 pm

    Wanted to say hello out there to my friend Jeff on Facebook, he is a math professor btw! Shared this link, mentioned him in it :)

  3. 26 October 2013 at 12:45 am

    NOW i get that joke! xD

  4. 26 October 2013 at 2:45 pm

    On a sad note, I don’t know if this is true but it looks to be so, Marcia Wallace has passed away at 70 whom did some great voice work and characters on Thew Simpsons (Bob Newhart Show(?), too), TMZ reports. I saw this first on my friend Jeff’s wall (whom I mentioned above) on Facebook btw.


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