Behind the Scenes in 1992

This must’ve been a promo FOX did for affiliates or something, but it is pure nostalgia gold:

Fun notes:

0:25 – Groening talking about his drawing style being based on drawing without looking at what you’re doing so the teacher can’t tell you aren’t paying attention.  Heh.

0:45 – A very young Mike Reiss noting that they spend two or three times as much time on a script as even good sitcoms.  Methinks that number has come down in recent years.

1:10 – Hi, Al, bitchin’ jacket.

1:15 – An all too brief clip from the table read of “Kamp Krusty”.

1:30 – Castellaneta discussing the evolution of Homer’s voice.

2:00 – Why is Kavner dressed like she’s in the Witness Relocation Program?

2:20 – Check out the stylish hat on Yeardley Smith.

2:35 – I think Shearer and Brooks may have been in some kind of epic beard contest because they both look like lumberjacks.

2:40 – Azaria: “Whatever Dan and Harry don’t take, I kinda get.”

3:25 – so Klasky-Csupo HQ was . . . humble.

3:30 – Steve Moore shows some storyboards for “Bart the Murderer”.

4:00 – Was Archer and David Silverman talking animation.

4:30 – Alf Clausen talking about music with some recording footage from what sounds like Bart and Homer’s bonding montage in “Treehouse of Horror II”.

4:45 – Simon talking about how it’s fun to work on something you actually enjoy.

Then things end on a promo for that week’s episode of In Living Color.  Aww, baby FOX was so cute.

5 Responses to “Behind the Scenes in 1992”

  1. 17 December 2013 at 6:49 pm

    1992, what a time to be alive. I loved seeing the layout drawing of Bart pulling faces, those days are long gone now. I think they use the same animation producing robot as Family Guy these days.

  2. 2 Jeff
    17 December 2013 at 10:50 pm

    On KCPQ they would sometimes show this after a movie ended if the movie wasn’t quite long enough to fill the time slot.

  3. 3 Izzy
    20 December 2013 at 7:52 am

    Given how shy Julie Kavner is known to be, I’m not surprised she dresses like Henry Hill.

  4. 4 Paul
    25 December 2013 at 10:33 pm

    Wow. I had zero idea Klasky Csupo evre worked on The Simpsons.

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