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I have nothing that can compare with the pure, ancient memory trip of that earlier video, but these are pretty good.  Not much in the way of new information in this first one, but you can see Jean and Groening as younger than now but not so painfully young as they were in that other one.:

Here’s BBC Radio 1’s Top 40 countdown for when “Do the Bartman” took #1.

Here’s an Australian Channel Ten promo for “Bart the General”:

Same thing, but for “The Call of the Simpsons”:

Presented by Sega and preceeding Doogie Howser.  Here’s a Pizza Hut ad for free Simpsons cups:

Before we leave Australia, here’s an ad for a Simpsons live show at an amusement park:

Here’s an American promo for “Blood Feud”:

They really didn’t say much about the episode at all, it’s weird.  Here’s a promo for “Life on the Fast Lane” and a Married with Children episode:

And here’s part of the reason why Akklaim went out of business:

Akklaim: We paid a lot for this license.  We did not pay much for design or programming, but that’s your problem, not ours.  Mario Paint wasn’t exactly easy to use, but you could actually do some cool stuff with it:

Speaking of crappy Akklaim games, here’s a British ad for Bart vs. the Space Mutants with a very weird Mario accent:

Forty British pounds?  Jebus.  Here’s a better game, a recently refurbish Simpsons pinball game.  The guys who fixed it up give you the full tour:

Look at the size of those circuit boards (2:45)!  And finally, commercials from a Wisconsin FOX affiliate from twenty-four years ago today:

I can’t decide which is the most depressing, the woman who has so little going on in her life that she gets “a kick” out of just looking at her Toyota Carolla, the Lipton (yes, the tea people) dinner sauce that has to be microwaved for thirty-five (35!) minutes, or the Target ad with Amy Grant where she sings “Don’t you know?  Love makes you real” while they push Sony Walkmans and shitty plastic cameras.


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