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“I take hormones to lower my voice. Now all I want to do is fight! What are you looking at?” – Martin Prince

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  1. 1 Anonymous
    3 October 2017 at 11:20 am

    I used to think this was one of the “okay” episodes, but there’s so much that ruins it, from mediocre jokes like this, to one of the first scenes that truly disgusted me and didn’t seem to fit the show at all (the oranges), with the response being really out of character for Marge. I haven’t watched this in years, and if I wanted to see some of the better scenes, I’d probably just hunt around for youtube clips instead.

    • 2 Bleeding Gums Murphy
      3 October 2017 at 4:41 pm

      I watched that episode a few weeks ago. It’s not a Simpsons episode, because they took this topic they didn’t touch before and went to nuclear (a real Simpsons episode would have made Bart miserable or something, not a paranoid kid who was right about the satellite), plus Bart stealing a tank, the suspense… It may be one of the less offensive episodes from Season 11, but that’s because it’s a terrible season.

      I’m currently watching S12, and my god… I… I… I didn’t remember how godawful it was.

    • 3 acreatureididnotknow
      3 October 2017 at 4:52 pm

      Yeah, the oranges line (‘lines’ if you count Marge putting them back in the lunches as a joke which, er, I guess you can if you want) was one of the first signs I remember that the show had changed, and wasn’t coming back.

      The judgement was off but also the pacing and timing; the dialogue between Bart and Nelson at the end (“Wow, praise from Caesar!” “Huh?”) just didn’t work. It was stilted, didn’t sound like Bart would say it, Nelson’s reaction doesn’t really make sense, and either side of it is Bart destroying everything in his path, eyes twitching, head poking out of a tank. What a load of garbage.

  2. 4 Noah B
    3 October 2017 at 1:04 pm

    I know I got some flack for doing these posts, but Tom Petty has died (yesterday). Can tommorow’s QOTD be the Waiting Is the Hardest Part scene The Cartridge Family

  3. 5 Anonymous
    3 October 2017 at 2:02 pm

    Please do a behind us forever for the season premiere. I liked that episode: It had good jokes, characters, a simple plot, and a hilarious ending. It successfully mixed wacky comedy and dark themes. I would like to hear the problems.

  4. 8 Bleeding Gums Murphy
    3 October 2017 at 4:32 pm

    I don’t get the joke. It is that Martin is transgender and takes pills to be a male? If so, that’s a fucking disgusting joke.

    • 3 October 2017 at 9:29 pm

      The joke is all the kids are comparing the medication they are on. That said it is still a tasteless joke given how they treat Martin in Zombie Simpsons. If anything it is a homophobic joke, taking testosterone so he will be more butch, as The Simpsons slowly turned Martin into not just a nerd but a gay nerd they can use for lazy homophobic jokes.

      • 10 Ryan
        4 October 2017 at 2:40 am

        What the fuck? It’s not a transgender or a homophobic joke. His parents have given testosterone to Martin because his voice is too effeminate, but now it’s made him want to fight people. That’s it.

      • 11 acreatureididnotknow
        4 October 2017 at 2:46 am

        Hmm… But that was always in Martin’s character: “Soon I’ll be queen of summer!… king. King!”

        I don’t like the joke but agree with Ryan it’s not transphobic or homophobic.

        • 4 October 2017 at 3:37 pm

          You guys are probably right as I haven’t seen this episode in ages. I just assumed it was homophobic because of the direction they took the character of Martin Prince in. Yeah Martin has always been portrayed as a bit of a “sissy” but Zombie Simpsons really doubled down on it.

    • 13 Anonymous
      4 October 2017 at 11:06 am

      I’ll weigh in here. It’s more of a “sissy” joke, IMO. That’s kind of how Martin’s usually portrayed, an overachieving, nerdy, slightly effeminate/”sissy” Teacher’s Pet. The literal antithesis of Bart, to the point where Bart actually has to explain to Martin how to get into trouble, while Martin teaches Bart to study in exchange. You could argue that some of the character traits they’re mocking in him have stereotypical “gay” undertones (“Queen of Summertime”), but I think that isn’t so much their intent as it is to make him a foil for/opposite of Bart, who is your typical misbehaving, roughhousing, mud-and-bugs, “underachiever and proud of it” kind of little boy. Does this make sense?

      Short version, it’s more like Martin’s parents were overly concerned about appearances and wanted him to fit a more “masculine” mold, so they gave him the hormones because they didn’t want to wait for his voice to lower naturally. And I’d say Milhouse is usually more of the “sissy kid mistaken for gay” (see Pryor’s assumptions about him) than Martin.

      • 14 Bleeding Gums Murphy
        4 October 2017 at 2:07 pm

        My question is whether Martin being gay, transgender or a feminine guy is the punchline (as in that millonaire from the Tokyo episode saying trans women are cheaper than “real” women, or Homer’s cousin, or female Abe), an innocent joke with no negative feelings (as in Smithers jokes), or it is a setup for a different joke.

        • 15 Anonymous
          5 October 2017 at 11:07 am

          I think you’re reading into it way too much.

          • 16 Bleeding Gums Murphy
            5 October 2017 at 12:20 pm

            I’m not reading too much. The joke from the Tokyo episode, for example, is fucking transmysogynistic. Unlike many other jokes, it’s not at the expense of society, it’s not a satire, it’s a joke that targets vulnerable people. It is inherently harmful. Same with Ralph jokes or some (but not all) of the jokes about Homer’s intelligence.

            I’m very sensitive to these topics, I know people who are seriously harmed by jokes like these every day of their lifes. Some of them are my friends. Some of those friends are suicidal because they can’t cope with the violence they suffer, so nope, I’m never gonna change my opinion. Making jokes about how transphobic the american society is WITHOUT harming trans people is okay. Making jokes about the way transgender people live, or subverting stereotypes, without disempowering them are okay (“This lesbian bar has no fire exit!”). None of those jokes I cited on my previous comment are examples of these.

            Think about Marge or Lisa jokes about the misogyny they face every day, and compare that with jokes about a female version of a male character (example: “female Homer” from Brother From The Same Planet) or punchlines about a male character wearing female clothes or makeup (Barney wearing Marge’s clothes in Days of Wine and D’oh’ses, Skinner in Who Shot Mr. Burns Part Two). The first examples are okay. The second and third are not.

            Satire should be about attacking the powerful, not the powerless. And The Simpsons did a lot of unfortunate jokes. I love the show, but I cannot laugh at some of its jokes. I just can’t.

            • 17 Anonymous
              6 October 2017 at 11:10 am

              I don’t want to turn a QotD post into a debate forum, so I’ll try to make this my last comment.

              You seem to be very sensitive about this topic. While it’s great that you’re standing up for the rights of others, I still think you’re overreacting a little. I mean, the whole reason this discussion started was a weak joke from a pre Zombie Simpsons episode and you immediately jumped to the conclusion that it was a transphobic jab just because it mentioned hormones. People take hormones for other medical reasons too, you know.

              Next, the other examples you cite do look bad in this modern age, but it was a typical “Ew, a man ‘becoming’ a woman is gross and weird” joke that was a product of the culture at the time when Americans could barely handle the idea of plain ol’ gay people, let alone complicated gender identities. Not saying that completely justifies it, but you have to take into account the time period it’s from. And in most of those scenarios, trans or crossdressing people aren’t being attacked directly so much as we’re seeing the citizens of Springfield react to them, so if you really wanted to, you could interpret it as just another example of their small-mindedness.

              And another thing, even in the classic seasons there were a lot of jokes about Smithers where the punchline was basically intended to gross out the audience a bit, does that mean the show was inherently homophobic too? They pretty much mocked everyone, from the rich to the poor, from the politicians to the lazy and fickle citizens who put them in power. Teachers, clergy, cops, lawyers, businessmen, even cartoonists and writers like themselves. So naturally, gay and trans people got a little taste of it too. You can argue they didn’t always do it in the best way, but nothing ever felt like an outright attack, though maybe the “Mother Shabubu” thing crossed the line to some degree.

              In conclusion, go ahead and keep standing up for the rights of the oppressed, because the world needs more of that now, but try not to have such strong knee-jerk reactions to what may ultimately be minor things, or misreading a situation entirely (Martin on hormones ≠ Martin is trans). Be more like the real Lisa, who could stand up for a cause but also learn from her mistakes, instead of Zombie Lisa who jumps on whatever trendy cause is hot at the moment and then tries to force her views on everyone else, because in ZS now, she’s always “right” and everyone else is wrong. You said Marge and Lisa faced misogyny (actually sexism, don’t confuse the two; one is bias while the other is outright hatred) on the show, but the real Lisa still managed to be a strong feminist role model for many young girls. But despite this, even she wasn’t always right or free from criticism or mockery herself. No one was.

              This is much longer than I wanted, so I’ll stop here. I hope I explained things clearly, but if not, we’ll have to just agree to disagree, because this isn’t really a good place for a continuous debate on such complicated issues.

              • 18 Bleeding Gums Murphy
                7 October 2017 at 4:30 pm

                While I cannot agree with most of your reply, and there are a few things I would like to talk about (Lisa pre-Zombie Lisa being a girl, which is funny to me because Charlie has made a post about “Lisa’s Rival”), I appreciate the politeness. I’m way too familiar with (pasive-)aggresive reactions and people calling me SJW or feminazi, so it’s nice seeing someone like you not reacting in such ways.

                On a slight offtopic, yesterday I found out by myself Apu is one of the only non-Simpsons character that makes a serious question during the Monorail song. And my love for the show grows a little more.

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