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Sunday Preview: Dad Behavior

Homer finds a new app that makes his life much easier and outsources his father-son bonding. Meanwhile, Grampa finds that he is about to be father again.

Matt Leinart will be guest voicing tonight, as will Dan Fouts. This app apparently must have something to do with NFL quarterbacks, although why they picked a first round hall of famer and a man who was forgotten several years ago is beyond my ability to reason. Enjoy.


Sunday Preview: Havana Wild Weekend

When the Retirement Castle and V.A. Hospital can’t help Grampa with his health problems, the Simpsons decide to take a family trip to Cuba so they can get him some cheap medical care.

Perhaps the stars have aligned to allow zombie simpsons fans an opportunity to see this episode before president elect trump reverses any progress we made normalizing relations with Cuba… …but I digress. 


Sunday Preview: There Will Be Buds

Homer gets roped into coaching the kids’ lacrosse team with Milhouse’s dad, Kirk, who is in desperate need of a friend. When Kirk gets too clingy, Homer vents about how much of a loser he is. Kirk overhears his rant and disappears, right when the team needs him most: the championship game…

Joe Mantegna shows up tonight as Fat Tony, so I think we have to assume that Homer is a shitty coach but the team does well with Kirk at the helm, Homer places a bet on the championship game and needs Kirk to win it when he has a last second realization that he is not the reason the team has done well. Sorry for the runon sentence, but i am trying to finish the post as fast as possible so that I can go back to pretending that zombie simpsons has been cancelled.


Sunday Preview: Trust But Clarify

Lisa and Bart investigate Krusty’s suspicious new “Krustaceans” candy. Meanwhile, Homer wants a promotion at the nuclear plant and asks Marge to help him dress the part, and news anchor Kent Brockman struggles to find his feet in the changing media world.

Dan Rather apparently decided to be part of this episode as himself. I am sure that could be taken as some sort of indicator, but I am too lazy and drunk to think about it.


Sunday Preview “Treehouse of Horror XXVII”

In this annual Halloween-themed episode, Mr. Burns holds a Hunger Games-style contest in which the children of Springfield battle each other. Also, Lisa’s imaginary friend becomes jealous of her real friends, and Moe tells Bart that the bar patrons are really covert agents.

When I was a kid, THOH was a close to Halloween as possible. This 2 week out crap is a crock. Why even do it? No one would notice if you stopped kicking the corpse of what was (albeit 20 years ago) a holiday institution for people my age. Also it sounds like it is going to suck anyway. Probably. I didn’t actually read the episode description that I cut and pasted above.


Sunday Preview “The Town”

Homer plans a family “hate-cation” trip to Boston in an attempt to show Bart that Boston is a terrible city.

I guess Homer catches Bart rooting for a football team that is not Homer’s favorite, so it is time to crap all over Boston the way only zombie Homer can. Maybe this time they will spring for the bus with bathrooms, unlike the time Homer hated on a major US city 19 YEARS ago. But I digresss.


Sunday Preview: Fland Canyon


Homer recalls a tense family vacation to the Grand Canyon with the Flanders family

It appears FOX is now putting as much effort into writing their episode descriptions as I have been at previewing them. There are 14 words in that description. I guess it will be a flashback episode? I equally don’t know or care. I have heard some buzz that there will be a Disney animation styled couch gag, so i guess that’s tonights draw. After tonight there are only 3 more episodes until summertime, so we got that going for us.



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