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Sight Gags: Marge Be Not Proud

ILG and Subsidiary

“It’s a Krusty Kinda Kristmas, brought to you by ILG, selling your body’s chemicals after you die.  And by Little Sweetheart Cupcakes, a subsidiary of ILG.” – TV Announcer

He is Carvallo:

Marge Be Not Proud5

And I’ll bet they don’t even pay overtime:

Marge Be Not Proud6

But could you use Hitler’s brain to construct an unbeatable swimmer?:

Marge Be Not Proud7

I used to have an old Apple II game that let you play all the winter Olympic sports, even biathlon.  It sucked:

Marge Be Not Proud8

Could be worse, could be a soap bar stabbing:

Marge Be Not Proud9


Sight Gags: Homer’s Triple Bypass

Homer's Triple Bypass20

“Ahh, little Homer . . . How’d he get that?” – Abraham Simpson

Homer’s maternity ward:

Homer's Triple Bypass11

Reputable health insurance:


Springfield General is a very strict hospital:

Homer's Triple Bypass12

And now, people who look like things:

Homer's Triple Bypass13

Homer's Triple Bypass14

Homer's Triple Bypass15

Homer's Triple Bypass16

Homer's Triple Bypass17

Surgical audience:

Homer's Triple Bypass18


Sight Gags: Simpsons Roasting on An Open Fire

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire12

“Selma and I couldn’t be more excited about seeing our baby sister for Christmas Eve.” – Patty Bouvier
“Homer and I are looking forward to your visit, too.” – Marge Simpson
“Somehow I doubt that Homer’s excited.  Of all the men you could’ve married, I don’t know why you picked one who’s always so rude rt. . .” – Patty Bouvier

To go along with my new found love of quoting episodes on the day they came out, how about a look at some of those jokes that just can’t be quoted?  Being the first episode and all, the sign gags are far below what would become the average, but “slightly irregular” Christmas trees always brings a smile to my face:

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire10

And, really, who doesn’t give tattoos as gifts?:

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire9

Even in Season 1, the show was well ahead of its time:

Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire11




I’ll keep my remarks brief, but I’ve watched “Homer Alone” dozens of times and even now, I am finding new things to love about the episode. Case in point – look who’s hiding in the background of the other Nick’s Bowling Shop!  It’s a portrait of Jacques, the smooth-talking frog bowler who unsuccessfully tried to seduce Marge in “Life in the Fast Lane.” Easter eggs are great.


Alliteration and foreshadowing


Another Wednesday, another sight gag. Other evil women with names starting in “J” not mentioned on the sign: Jessica Lovejoy.


The best kind of hatred

Rainbow hatred

Ah, “Sight Gags” posts.  It’s been a while, no?  Let’s kick it off again – doesn’t that rainbow “HATRED” make you want to hug, then punch, someone?


Where’s Waldo?

There's waldo

This is one of my favorite Simpsons sight gags, if only because it’s a delightful twofer of visual hilarity – the citizens of Springfield crammed into an impossibly small bunker and the infamous bespectacled man-child hiding amongst them. Zombie Simpsons, in all of its soul-sucking mediocrity, repeated a Waldo gag in “Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder.” Instead of cleverly blending him into the background though, he blatantly walks across the screen, which isn’t nearly as funny as making you work a bit for the laugh.


No fat chicks. No, really.


Believe it or not, The Simpsons has a storied history of hating on fat chicks. This is the second third in a series of three four such jokes, preceeded by Homer’s “no fat chicks” billboard remark in “Marge vs. The Monorail” and his “No Fat Chicks” t-shirt in “Marge on the Lam,” and followed by the song “Minimum Wage Nanny” in “Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious.”  It’s entirely possible that other “no fat chicks” references have popped up elsewhere since Season 8, but hopefully no one who really appreciates what we do here at Dead Homer Society gives a shit.  (Thanks for the correction, Charlie.)


Alcohol and God, a winning combination

Reverend Lovejoy, hittin' the sauce on the job

Another Wednesday, another sight gag: two out of these six vignettes are explored in some detail, but there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it gem hidden in the upper right. Yep, there’s Reverend Lovejoy, hittin’ the sauce on the job. Classic.


Tell me more…

Tell me more...

In The Simpsons’ colorful history of improbable and hilarious video game ideas, surely the “My Dinner with André” game Martin plays at Noiseland Arcade takes the cake. For a game based on a movie that consists almost entirely of two guys having a conversation at a restaurant, the controls are both completely appropriate and hilariously pretentious.

(This, by the way, is the first in a series of “Sight Gags” posts we’ll be doing, highlighting the little bits of visual joy that make The Simpsons such a rewarding show to watch. Today seemed as good a day as any to kick it off, so enjoy!)


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