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Quote of the Day

“Well, I didn’t win. Here’s your pizza.” – Lionel Hutz
“But we did win!” – Marge Simpson
“That’s okay, the box is empty.” – Lionel Hutz

Happy birthday Brad Bird!

Also, Phil Hartman would’ve been 70 today. Happy birthday.


Quote of the Day

“Hello, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such FOX Network specials as Alien Nosejob and Five Fabulous Weeks of the Chevy Chase Show.” – Troy McClure


Quote of the Day


“As wacky as those kids were, they were no match for Captain Wacky, later renamed Homer.” – Troy McClure


Quote of the Day

138th Episode Spectacular7

“Right about now, you’re probably saying, ‘Troy, I’ve seen every Simpsons episode, you can’t show me anything new’.  You’ve got some attitude, mister.” – Troy McClure

Happy 20th Anniversary to “The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular”!  Original airdate 3 December 1995.


Reading Digest: Krusty Sketches Edition

138th Episode Spectacular6

This week we’ve got some fan made renderings of Krusty (and Bart) that run the gamut from quick sketch to very refined, but all of them have real style to them.  In addition to that, we’ve got more than the usual number of people who agree with us, a couple last Marcia Wallace tributes, some local theater, an open letter to Azaria, and a couple of late but worthy Halloween costumes.


The Elevens: Tonight: A Shot Of Theater Presents: The Simpsons Did It! – Attention those of you in and around Northampton, Massachusetts, this is cool:

“November 7th, 14th, 21st, and 22nd 7p-9p
Citizens and Friends of Springfield! Join us for our fourth evening of original one-act plays performed at The Elevens of Northampton!
An evening of theater, food, drinks, laughs, cheers, and NO boo-rns!
Come out and witness our tribute to the most fanatic television show ever created as you are entertained by six short plays that were all inspired by the wit and wisdom of The Simpsons!

Admission is only seven dollars.

Acme Archives To Release The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Poster By Dave Perillo On November 13, 2013 – Please note that not a single segment he depicts is from Zombie Simpsons.  Very cool.  (And you can buy one for fifty bucks.)

Duffman Burlesque- Sky Blew- Underground Peepshow – Reader Nedbit sent in this rather awesome YouTube video from that Toronto burlesque show a few months back.  The young man on stage does a great job syncing his routine to actual Duffman quotes (my favorite being “Duffman can’t breathe!” when he gets stuck in his shirt), and the whole thing is great fun.  There’s even some tasteful nudity that stop just short of the full monty:

Well done, Sky Blew.  (And thanks, Nedbit!)

Dear Hank Azaria – This is what happens when you outstay your welcome and fall way behind the curve:

You are a white man doing an accent of a brown character.
I repeat: you are a white man doing an accent of a brown character.
That isn’t normal anymore or needed.

MediaWorks phoenix ready to rise, minus The Simpsons – Those of you in New Zealand may have to find a new place to watch reruns:

The MediaWorks receivership was announced in June, but was immediately backed with a rescue plan.

The settlement will see the removal of all Fox network programming from TV3 and TV4 including prime time cartoon show The Simpsons, with the biggest impact on TV4, which screens seven hours of Fox material daily

Edna Krabappel to retire as Marcia Wallace has died. She was married to Ned Flanders? – It sucks that Marcia Wallace died, but it has been amusing to see a common on-line reaction (after the mourning) be shock at what happened after most people stopped watching the show.  That “Nedna” publicity stunt couldn’t have failed worse, not only do people not like it, most of them didn’t even hear about it when it happened.

Can Only Death Stop The Simpsons? – I’ve wondered that myself.

Maggie Simpson | cosplay and halloween costume diy guides – This is a little late for Halloween this year, but it’s a pretty damn good do-it-yourself Maggie Simpson costume for about $50.

Get The Work Done – Great fan made “Stupid Sexy Flanders” costume.

Krusty the Clown – Cool color fanmade sketch of Krusty smoking.

The Boy & Krusty – Another Krusty sketch from a different person.  This time he’s with Bart and looking very stressed.

Dorwing Samson Bartolo! – Excellent fan made Bart.

Today on the tray: Lard Lad Donuts – An appreciation of Lard Lad and all that he’s done for us on one of two national donut days.

Family and Social Class in “The Simpsons” – A Turkish university using “Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield” in class.

With a love that will echo through the ages – A Marcia Wallace remembrance that heartily agrees with us:

Since circa season 11 the show has lacked any true emotional feeling. Instead the writers have hung onto the sentimental coat tails of what has gone before. There’s no real feeling because all the characters have become just shells of what they once were – Krabappel would once have laughed at the moral, insular Flanders, but now she’s married to him. It’s sentimental, not emotional, an attempt to capture emotions where there are none. The Simpsons worked as an emotional, and comedic, show because it was so real. Modern episodes don’t seem to realise that to be emotional and get the best laughs is not just to recover the past or to pull on certain heartstrings, but to show reality and draw out those moments which we feel familiar with.


Lest We Forget – Edna Krabappel – One last Marcia Wallace tribute:

Mrs K was the sarcastic, lazy teacher we all wished we had.

Last Vegas…In 10 Words – You guys lied to me, you said it was Vegas!

Dag 277 – Another Homer t-shirt.

Brovember 6th – Bart & Milpool…Err, Milhouse – The “bromance” that is Bart and Milhouse.

Bart Simpson: 90′s badass – He was.

Yelling at your kids: Don’t do it. (Oops, you just did.) – Excellent movie usage:

Finally, one wise mom told me that she doesn’t scream at all, but rather subscribes to “Marge Simpson Philosophy of Parenting.”

Lisa Simpson: But I’m so angry.
Marge Simpson: You’re a woman. You can hold on to it forever

The movie doesn’t have a lot of quotable lines, but that’s definitely one of them.

Identifying Intervals Part 4: The Tritone – I don’t know nearly enough about music to understand this, but it’s about the theme song and certainly sounds cool.

THE BEST EPISODE THINGY THERE EVER WAS ROUND 1 BART GETS AN F vs. BART’S DOG GETS AN F – The segmented episode elimination tournament continues with a hard choice already:

“Bart Gets An F” & “Bart’s Dog Gets An F” both get an A+ in my books. But this tournament is designed to be all killer & no filler, which means only the best against the best, nothing past season 8. And so I have a difficult choice to make. One of these classics has to go. They both pack an emotional punch, although as an animal lover “Bart’s Dog Gets An F” hits a little closer to home for me.

Click through for the winner.

Duff Beer iPhone 5S Case is Homer Simpson Approved – Twenty bucks at Amazon.

Afternoon Sister – A young woman in Tokyo actually wearing one of those high fashion Bart shirts.  Looks good.

TV Legends Revealed | How ‘Simpsons’ Got ‘Revenge’ on Justin Timberlake – The word ‘revenge’ may be a tad strong there.  Basically, when a 19-year-old Timberlake did his guest voice for that hapless boy band episode he bitched about saying “Word” as a line, so they used it more.  The irony, of course, is that Timberlake has gone on to become a hell of a lot more entertaining than Zombie Simpsons.  (Thanks to commenter RaikoLives for sending this in!)

He’s…a Simpson – Forced to choose a favorite character of all time, you could do worse than Homer.

5-paragraph review of ‘The Simpsons: Four Regrettings and a Funeral’ – And finally, an enjoyably scathing review of last week’s episode that agrees with us:

Joe Namath made a guest voice appearance. He was quarterback of the New York Jets when the team won the Super Bowl in 1969, which was the historians believe was the last time “The Simpsons” were funny. This may be inaccurate.

Close enough.


Quote of the Day

138th Episode Spectacular5

“I’d sell my soul for a Formula One racing car.” – Bart Simpson
“That can be arranged.” – Satan
“Changed my mind, sorry. . . . Cool.” – Bart Simpson
“Bart, stop pestering Satan!” – Marge Simpson

Happy birthday Nancy Cartwright!


Reading Digest: Groening Appreciation Edition

Groening and His Work

“The Simpsons began as the brain child of cartoonist Matt Groening, the already famous creator of such comics as Damnation, Johnny Reb, and True Murder Stories.” – Troy McClure

This week we’ve got three links to articles about Groening, two of which are tied for Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week.  First there’s an old magazine article that’s a really nice time capsule of Groening perched on the cusp of worldwide fame, and then there’s a bunch of other cartoonists celebrating the rich bastard he became.  In addition to that we’ve got some cool fan made art, some evidence that rock may indeed have achieved perfection in 1974, an inventive and specific Bart costume, and English as a second language students learning from the show.

COMMENTING NOTE: For whatever reason, WordPress has been getting bombarded with spam comments of late.  It’s been ticking up for a couple of months, but just this week the number of comments in the spam queue went from around ten each morning to several hundred.  I usually sort through them in case something legitimate got flagged, which I know has happened to a few of you, but now there’s just too many for me to do that.  If you’re having trouble getting a comment posted, please e-mail me. 


1989 Matt Groening Profile in Mother Jones – Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week (A) is this old article about Groening from right before the show premiered.  There’s a ton of great stuff in there, but I particularly like this description of the opening:

In the title sequence of The Simpsons, the camera descends into an animated American Anytown, meeting the family members at the close of their working day, sort of like The Flintstones.  This is not, however, the end of a Yabba-Dabba-Doo day.  Homer finishes his shift in a nuclear plant by accidentally carrying out of a bit of glowing nuclear waste; Marge the mom waits in a checkout line while the clerk unintentionally passes baby Maggie over the electronic product-code reader; sister Lisa stops band practice cold with her free-bop sax playing; and son Bart has been kept after school, forced to write various messages on the blackboard.  I WILL NOT WASTE CHALK, he writes at the beginning of one episode, and in another, I WILL NOT INSTIGATE REVOLUTION.  Finally the family converges at home, gathering before the TV set to watch, yes, The Simpsons.

It’s neat to read someone describe that extremely familiar sequence to an audience who had never seen it.  We’ve gotten inured to it over the years, but it really was unlike any other opening at the time, so much so that it takes an entire paragraph to explain.

PICKS OF THE WEEK: To celebrate ‘Life in Hell,’ cartoonists collaborate on a gift for Groening – Smooth Charlie’s Link of the Week (1) is this collection of cartoons by other cartoonists celebrating Life in Hell after Groening retired it.  Some of them are damn funny.

INK2012 Day 2: When Groening met Barry – And we’ve got a nice little writeup of Groening and his old cartoonist friend Lynda Barry at a conference together.

Reverend Lovejoy on Religion – Lovejoy has some good ones, including this.

What is the best Treehouse of Horror short? – The verdict here is “The Shinning”, but there are a lot of contenders.

Day 110: Global Handwashing Day – The woman who had that sweet Surly costume a while back today has dressed up like Bart Simpson, as he appears after Laura spits in his hand.  Awesome.

Top 100 Favorite Shows of All Time – 20-11 – The show comes in at #16 on this list, but you get the feeling that it’d be higher if not for Zombie Simpsons:

I’ll start by saying I don’t often watch The Simpsons anymore, and haven’t done so for years.

So How Much Would You Pay For This? – Does the middle of this very expensive painting look like Bart Simpson?  Enh, kinda.

Starbucks gives away Simpsons’ ‘Treehouse’ – Cool:

Starbucks, which has been offering free downloads of music, ebooks and apps at its coffee shops, has started giving away the original episode of "The Simpson’s’ "Treehouse of Horror," that originally aired in 1990 on Fox.

Episode will be available as a free iTunes download as Starbucks’ in-store "Pick of the Week" through through Oct. 23, according to a store manager in New York City. The cards started appearing in Starbucks stores today across the U.S. and Canada.

That’s certainly nice of them.  I wonder how much FOX charged?  (via)

Breaking Amish…In 10 Words – They’re still not fighting back!

Obama and Romney’s Second Debate…In 10 Words – No, dear, the card question’ll be fine.

THE WORLD’S BEST JACKET – It’s debatable, but it’s hard to beat Elvis and Marilyn.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out- Unlocking Witch Marge – Apparently there’s an expansion pack for that iOS game, and this is how you get some of it.

Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It’s a scientific fact. – In support of Homer’s point, a list, rather long, of all the great rock albums that came out in 1974. 

Previewing the 2012-13 Denver Nuggets – Extended excellent usage:

One of my favorite lines from episodes of The Simpsons is when Montgomery Burns opens up a Casino in Springfield – Homer Simpson gets a job there and Marge Simpson soon becomes attached to the gambling lifestyle. At the end of the episode, Homer and Marge have a heart-to-heart about Marge’s issue.

Homer, "You have a gambling problem."

Marge, "That’s true. Will you forgive me?"

Homer, "Sure. Remember when I got caught stealing all those watches from Sears? Well, that’s nothing because you have a gambling problem. And remember when I let that escaped lunatic in the house because he was dressed like Santa Claus? Well, you have a gambling problem."

It’s a long quote, and while Homer does have an “Oh” in front of “Sure”, that’s a long quote that’s done right.  Excellent. 

My best pick-up line – Heh.

Deja Vu? – More heh, this time with jagged metal cereal.

Dying for a BBQ? – Fugu for real:

Despite the reputation, a small number of poisoning cases are recorded every year (Up to 40 cases, and very few of these are from restaurants, but rather fishermen eating their own catch) and the fatality rate is actually very low, at about 7%.  And despite the famous Simpsons episode in which Homer is told he will die from fugu poisoning, the effects would take hold and kill you quickly without the intervention of a respirator.  So, the Simpsons lied to me about fugu and Annual Gift Man, and I have yet to see Homer’s face on the box of a household cleaning product for Mr. Sparkle.  Is there no end to the lies TV will tell you?

I know it doesn’t seem possible, but I guess TV can betray you.

Day 12: A song that you want played at your wedding(or was played) – A cut off of Simpsons Sing the Blues, with YouTube.

And Now for Something Completely Different – A Simpson chess set that, sadly, got stolen.

1- I LEARNED FROM ‘THE SIMPSONS’ SERIES… – There are four of these, and they’re being reblogged by a Brazilian English language school.  Cool.

Just ‘Cause 5 – Animated .gif of Bart riding the pig from “They Saved Lisa’s Brain”.

Athletic Misadventures – Moderate usage:

There is an episode of The Simpsons where Lisa enrolls at a military school.  After a few weeks of pushups, obstacles courses, and formation drills, she finds herself intimidated by the physicality required of the students.  Lisa bemoans her situation to Bart who questions “I thought you wanted a challenge?”  Lisa responds with “Duh, a challenge I could DO.”

That is precisely how I felt yesterday attempting to complete the Flagstaff Extreme course.

Bart actually says, “I thought you came here looking for a challenge”, but the Lisa half is dead on.

Transformations 18 – Fan made crossover drawings, including one of Lisa.

Journey Through the Past: The 1990s – And finally, our old friend Philip J. Reed has written an appreciation of some 1990s cultural artifacts, including this excellent take on “22 Short Films About Springfield”:

Coming at a time when The Simpsons could genuinely do no wrong, “22 Short Films About Springfield” reads like a time-capsule today. It’s a relic — and a loving, fascinating, and clever one — of a time when Springfield was more than just a sea of caricatures and types; it was a place, fully functional in and of itself. One operating under its own logic and impossible to mistake for the real world, but real in its own way all the same.

It was nice when Springfield was a place that was real enough to be funny instead of the bottomless prop closet they have now.


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