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March 23rd was a special day in Simpsons history

Image "borrowed" from the lovable Boing Boing.

David Silverman shared an interesting, obscure piece of Simpsons history with Boing Boing a couple days ago:

23 years ago today on March 23rd, 1987, we had a meeting with Matt Groening. And then Wes Archer, Bill Kopp, and I started animating the very first Simpsons short for The Tracey Ullman Show, in a studio on 729 N. Seward Street. We all thought it was pretty funny.

It was pretty funny David. You had a good run that has long overstayed its welcome. Our brief PSA to you is this, and simply this: Do your part to salvage the show’s legacy by helping end Zombie Simpsons. Yes, you can.


Sunday History Lesson




The Internet is full of little surprises, often anonymously created, but incisive in their brevity.  To wit, I found these pictures while browsing Digg this afternoon. Some enterprising folks have used the magic of Photoshop to superimpose words – honest-to-goodness words – on top of existing images. And in doing so, they’ve provided three subtly different takes on the same critical point: “The Simpsons” is the same as its former self in name only. The characters have evolved into nearly unrecognizable personalities while the show’s raison d’être has taken a deleterious turn for the worse. I particularly like the second image’s evisceration of creator Matt Groening, where he’s described as a “billionaire who hasn’t drawn or created in years.”

Of course, this tragic shift isn’t really news to us here at DHS, but if you’re ever caught in a position where you find yourself defending the old show as an institution to people who insist nothing has changed, just direct them to these pictures. They’re damn near irrefutable. What say you, DHS readers? Are there any descriptions you’d change in the above posted?


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