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Sunday Preview: Puffless


Upon learning that their father really died of lung cancer, Selma and Patty agree to quit smoking. When Selma relapses, an angry Patty moves in with Marge and Homer

Yo-Yo Ma will guest star as himself tonight, which is probably because it is conceivable that his guest appearance would be even more meaningless if he played a random character.  Apparently the sub-plot involves an adventure for Maggie in the animation style of “The Longest Daycare”, so prepare for that to be ruined.  Also of note is that even though I am getting considerably lazier about doing these previews, as impossible as that would seem, I am not the only one. The above image was the only usable one I could find during a 15 minute search. I couldn’t find a promo image of the A plot at all. Again I searched lazily, so there is probably something out there, but I have exhausted my effort looking for something that is usually readily available. End of rant.


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