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Reading Digest: “The British Are Coming!” Edition

 Second Amendment

Image used under Creative Commons license from Flickr user taberandrew.

“If I didn’t have this gun, the King of England could just walk in here any time he wants and start shoving you around.” – Homer Simpson 

British newspapers and broadcasters were all over the 20th anniversary stuff this week and as a result there are a ton of British links.  In addition to that we’ve got an excellent piece of usage, a cool YouTube video, a twenty year old story about Simpsons licensing, somebody I don’t agree with and a couple of people I do.  Enjoy. 

The Simpsons: 10 classic episodes – This is up at BBC News, of all places.  There’s only one true Zombie Simpsons episode and while I probably wouldn’t include “Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie” I have no other real complaints.  

The 10 best Simpsons episodes ever – This list is from the TimesOnline and it doesn’t have anything past Season 7.  Brilliant. 

The Simpsons’ most memorable quotes – Again with the BBC.  The list of Homer quotes is fantastic with nary a trace of Zombie Simpsons.  Less so with the blackboard quotes. 

The 20 best moments of The Simpsons’ 20 years on TV – This one’s from The Guardian, it’s got three entries from Zombie Simpsons and one from the movie meaning that this list is 80% cromulent.  That’s a passing grade but leaves much room for improvement. 

Top 5 Songs from the Simpsons and other favourites. – The blog doesn’t explicitly say, but I’m calling this one British based on the spelling (and the fact that I think she’s referencing the above link).  Not a trace of Zombie Simpsons in the list.  Cheers. 

Too early for bread. – It never occurred to me to sing “Happy Birthday Lisa” in a bar.  How empty my life has been.

Is there a connection between the Denver Nuggets and the Stonecutters society from The Simpsons? – I doubt it. 

Ron English x The Simpsons Homer/Jackson Pollock Video – This is just cool:

You can get a nice still image of the completed work here

What Palin and Bart Simpson Have In Common…. – The clip of Glenn Beck asking Sarah Palin about her favorite Founder is your out of the gate leader for funniest political clip of 2010.  Here it comes wrapped up with this:

About 12 years ago, there was an episode of "The Simpsons" in which Bart was supposed to deliver an oral report on Libya. Bart, of course, hadn’t done his homework and had no idea what to say. He stood up, cleared his throat, looked at the blank page in front of him, and winged it.

"The exports in Libya are numerous in amount," Bart said earnestly. "One thing they export is corn, or as the Indians call it, maize. Another famous Indian was Crazy Horse. In conclusion, Libya is a land of contrast. Thank you."

Bart actually says “The exports of Libya” but other than that it’s dead on.  Excellent usage. 

The Day Bart Simpson Got Me in Trouble – While I certainly don’t hope Zombie Simpsons continues for hundreds more episodes, this story is just too damned cool to ignore:

In the early 1990’s when the Simpsons cartoon series was just hitting it big nationally, Ice Capades struck a licensing deal with Matt Groening and Fox Television to include the costumed Simpsons characters in its touring ice show.  They had previously done the same with the California Raisins.  At the time, I was working for the firm lapin East/West, which handled the national publicity for Ice Capades.


Well, we were able to secure a live remote from Good Day New York.  Gordon Elliott used to do live remote segments for the morning show, visiting communities.  We pitched the show’s producers to have Elliott visit a community with Ice Capades skaters and the Bart Simpson costumed character and invite residents to come out and skate on a portable ice rink that we rented for the occasion.

Read the whole thing and marvel at the eternal power of copyright paranoia. 

Why is The Simpsons Still Funny? – This is a few hundred words defending Zombie Simpsons and saying:

You have to take a step back and observe the bigger picture. The Simpsons is still funny. It has always been funny and it will continue to be funny for the rest of our conceivable lives—unless of course someone shows up and usurps the show from its throne. I look at you Jersey Shore.

We need to realize what the show has done for us—we need to realize that if Springfield had never come into our lives, we would all probably be nodding in agreement that 2 and a Half Men deserves to be immortalized as the greatest television masterpiece of our species.

Much like the Spurlock special, this cites nothing but jokes, characters and idea from the first few years as reasons why the show is great.  Those things are great, and the show has done nothing with them in years.  That’s why we criticize. 

Scale of the Day #2: The Simpsons Scale – Mad Jon knows vastly more about music than I do so it’s possible he’ll disagree.  But this sure sounds good to me:

Now this scale isn’t actually called “The Simpsons Scale”, but since it isn’t actually called anything [in western theory] I have decided to boldly name what no one has named before.

In reality the Simpsons scale is the melodic ascending pattern starting on the 4th degree, but it happens to be the pitch pattern used for the tonic harmonies in the theme music to The Simpsons, so I decree that the scale henceforth be known as…..

Matt Groening is the George Lucas of TV – This is a little bit harsher on Groening that I’m willing to be but it’s as well constructed a nerd rant as you’re going to see.  (Although that should be a \ not a / in the image at the top.) 

Review: The Simpsons Arcade (Appstore, $4.99) – A more positive take on that generic Simpsons iPhone game.

20 Years of The Simpsons, 10 Years of Good Episodes – Finally, I get to end the way I like, with another person who thinks Zombie Simpsons sucks:

I got 15-20 minutes into the show before I was compelled by boredom to change the channel to ESPN. I get the same feeling watching newer episodes of The Simpsons that I get whenever I see some attempt to revive Loony Tunes or any other classic cartoon. They almost always come off as pale imitations of the original classics. This what The Simpsons feel like now. Some of the jokes are funny, but the plots are not up to the high standards of the 90s, the characterization is off, and the voices are no longer right thanks to the aging of the voice actors. Oh well, at least all the classic episodes from the 90s are readily available on DVD (which is a godsend because you can’t count on syndicated reruns with all those 21st century Simpsons episodes in the mix) .



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