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Quote of the Day

“Wow, I bet if God wore pants, he’d have a belt like that.” – Milhouse van Houten
“This isn’t a belt. It’s a tactical pants retaining system.” – Bart Simpson


Makeup Quote of the Day

“What’s this?” – Homer Simpson
“Aw, that’s the barbed wire. We, uh, we called that the ‘Stinger’. They, uh, they don’t let you use that no more.” – Moe


Quote of the Day

“You’ll be okay, Dad. Just make sure he hits you an even number of times so you don’t end up with amnesia.” – Bart Simpson


Quote of the Day

“Man, you’d never get me into a ring. Boxing causes brain damage.” – Barney Gumble


Quote of the Day

“Your brain is cushioned by a layer of fluid one eighth of an inch thicker than normal. It’s almost as if you’re wearing a football helmet inside your own head. Why, I could wallop you all day with this surgical two-by-four without ever knocking you down. . . . But I have other appointments.” – Dr. Hibbert


Quote of the Day


“Somehow, I just never made it to the big time.” – Moe
“Why not?” – Homer Simpson
“Cause I got knocked out forty times in a row. That plus politics. You know, it’s all politics.” – Moe
“Lousy Democrats.” – Homer Simpson


Attention Star Wars and Star Trek Fans, Geeks, and General Enjoyers

The Homer They Fall11

“No, I do not have a receipt. I won it as a door prize at the Star Trek convention. Although I find their choice of prize highly illogical, as the average Trekker has no use for a medium size belt.” – Comic Book Guy

Hello, everyone. My New Year’s Resolution was to blog more; and since 2016 is now one quarter gone, I’m going to try and get right on that. I’m not sure yet what that means around here. I haven’t seen a Zombie Simpsons episode since January, and I’m pretty happy about that, but Reading Digest is definitely going to be coming back.

In the meantime, I have a different, though not entirely unrelated, announcement. It’s no secret that Simpsons fandom has, shall we say, abundant overlap with Star Wars and Star Trek fandom. But there are probably a lot of Simpsons fans who just don’t care much about the twin towers of pop science fiction. So I understand that many of you will not care about this in the least.

On the other hand, if you care enough to have seen the recent entries directed by one Jeffrey Jacob Abrams (the 2009 Star Trek reboot, it’s wretched 2013 sequel, and last year’s Star Wars movie), I hope you’ll appreciate my latest cranky minibook, “J.J. Abrams Is Bad at Movies“.

Just like the last two times, the whole book is going up for free on-line. Unlike the last two times, I’m putting it all up at once, and it’s at a new site, the boringly titled That place is very much a work in progress, and I’m far from sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but for now it does contain my best Dead Homers style swing at why I so deeply disliked The Force Awakens and downright loathed Star Trek 12. And there’s chapters about Mission Impossible 3Star Trek 11, and Super 8, to which I am fairly indifferent.

You’re still welcome to read it even if you’re meh on Star Wars and Star Trek, of course. I just want everyone to know what they’re getting into. I quote the show a couple of times (can’t help myself), but that’s it for Simpsons.

Anyways, I hope those of you who read it enjoy it, and that all of you share the link with your geekiest Star Wars and Star Trek friends *wink wink, nudge nudge, hello Mr. Thompson*.


deadhomersociety (at) gmail

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