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Last Week: Bad Puns, This Week: Bad Blonde Jokes, Next Week: Knock Knock Jokes

Chalkboard - To Surveil With Love

“What’s he gonna do next, a flapping dickey?” – Jay Leno

It’s generally not a good sign when the cleverest writing of the week is the bubble-gum pop song that the network made you use for an opening.  But sometimes even two montages, a stick-figure story that doesn’t go anywhere, and Flanders making “tsk tsk” noises for no reason aren’t enough to fill your timeslot.  When that happens, you can always fall back on blonde jokes and meandering exposition.  And when I say meandering, I mean meandering, like Wiggum going on about chairs, Flanders explaining what he’s doing, and Lisa coming to terms with something about six times. 

Of course, there were plenty of small problems to go along with the big ones.  There was a criminally underutilized guest voice, a meaningless appearance by Duffman, another teacher we’ve never seen before, and a completely unnecessary desecration of Lunchlady Doris.  Oh, and there was that goofy, network mandated, music video opening which, combined with Bart’s non-nude nudity, served as yet another reminder that this show no longer has any creative or editorial independence whatsoever.  

The numbers are in and they’re up slightly from last week but still rock bottom by historical standards, even compared to the last few lowly rated seasons.  6.06 million viewers lost a little respect for Eddie Izzard last night.  That’s the first time since February that they’ve gone over six million, and only by the barest of margins.  All negative ratings trends remain in place. 


Quote of the Day

The Last Temptation of Krust2

“You can be so cruel when you’re sober.” – Sideshow Mel
“Well I’ll fix that!  I’m goin’ on the bender to end all benders!” – Krusty the Klown


“Skinner’s Sense of Snow” Makes Baby Jesus Cry

“Oh sure, there were a lot of laughs.  You probably couldn’t hear them, the acoustics were so bad.” – Bart Simpson

I’ve always hated this episode for the simple reason that Springfield Elementary used to be a fountain of unlimited comedy and now they’ve turned it into a horror show.  “Skinner’s Sense of Snow” had a decent premise, kids trapped in snow bound school, and then proceeded to run it into the ground with weird plot twists, characterless jokes and a plot stretched so thin to fill the allotted time that it obliterates whatever plausibility the premise originally had.  There are eight guys on this commentary and even they don’t have much positive to say.

3:00:  There’s a prize for knowing the first time we see Maggie in her star outfit?  Isn’t that from the very first scene of “Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire”?  Or are we talking about the Ullman shorts?

4:30:  There’s so very little going on screen that they get into a long, boring discussion of Cirque du Soleil.  It’s boring as a concept, boring live, and boring in general.

5:30ish:  Long, long silence.  There are eight guys here, they were heavily involved in the production of this episode and yet it’s so devoid of anything that could be called actual content that they can’t gin up even a trivial bit to discuss or even laugh at.  Remarkable.

7:00:  Mindless laughter at elf saying “I’m happy”.

8:15:  Mindless laughter at the burning DVD.

10:25:  Even one of the guys here is confused at Homer’s stupidity

10:55:  Laughing at the fact that Nelson’s bike is conveniently available and then how they wanted the bike bouncing to go on even longer than it already does.

11:30:  More long, long silences.

12:10:  More gawking over outfits, this time with Skinner in his uniform.

13:00:  Long, long silence, again.

13:40:  Laughing at the fact that Homer is making no sense but was saved by the fact that they hit a fire hydrant for no reason.  So basically they wrote crappy dialogue but it’s okay because they cut it off with an unmoored plot point.  Bra-vo.

15:00:  Silence, then mindless laughter, then more silence.  There isn’t even enough here to make fun of.

19:00: Mindless laughter at the hamster crashing through the windshield for some reason.  Then more silence.  Then it ends with them admitting they’re out of things to say or plug.  Wow.


Quote of the Day

“What do we need church shoes for?  Jesus wore sandals.” – Bart Simpson
“Well, maybe if he’d had better arch support they wouldn’t have caught him.” – Homer Simpson

Friday Link Dump – Obscure Guest Voice Edition

“That guy cheapens our whole profession.” – Bruce Baum

T.O. funnyman Bruce Baum soars into cyberspace – Remember the guy pictured above?  He’s got a comedy website, (careful, video plays when you click), that The Ventura County Star wrote an article about and, in typical newspaper fashion, neglected to link.  Whatever, barbecue armpit deodorant sounds good to me.  

Channeling Homer Simpson on the Deficit Numbers – MIT economist Jonathan Gruber gets a gold star for excellent usage.  

Are The Best Days Of ‘The Simpsons’ Over? – The basic premise here is right on, though it’s written for a website called Starpulse so there’s a distinct whiff of Valley Girl crazy about the whole thing.  (From Starpulse’s about page: “ offers celebrity enthusiasts like you . . “, uh, count me out, thanks.)  There is one little thing that deserves special attention though, the misspelling of ‘Jebus’.  I see this all over the place, ‘Jeebus’ instead of ‘Jebus’.  For fuck’s sake people, it’s pronounced exactly like the original but with a “b” in place of an “s”.  There is no need for an extra “e”.  Wow, that got off topic fast.
Great minds think differently – It’s a list of thinkers, and I used the term loosely, who might have opinions about the current recession, including Homer Simpson, Sun Tzu, Epicurus, and Tony Soprano.  This guy is padding his list just a bit, methinks.
Triceratops Was A Social Animal, Group of Dinosaur Fossils Suggests – A site in Montana has fossils from a bunch of different Triceratops skeletons.  It’s called the Homer Site because the guy who found it, Helmuth Redschlag, is a Simpsons fan.  Well done.  
Lottery win like a joke, trucker says – This guy won almost two million dollars from a lottery machine that said “Woo hoo!” when he scanned his ticket.  
Transit Spotting – Mr. Matt Smith isn’t very happy with a new San Francisco transit project.  I couldn’t tell you anything about the merits of the project, but the man’s got his Simpsons straight and that’s good enough for us.  
The 20 Hottest Movie Mums (via)- Internet lists are always pointless and stupid, but Marge is #1.    
Despite the sunshine, it rained on my parade – Damn right.  Even the Irish thought that episode was a piece of shit.
Barack Obama’s Top 5 Bart Simpson Moments – Just one of the hundreds of radical right wing messages inserted into every post by co-creator Charlie Sweatpants.  


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