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“They haven’t changed a bit, have they?” – Troy McClure

Apologies for the relative lack of posts the last few days.  I had a couple of ideas go south on me, and Google Alerts has been bone dry of interesting ephemera of late.  Today is the 24th anniversary of the premier of the shorts, and all the internet coughed up (that I saw, anyway) was a few “On this day” type things.  In honor of this momentous occasion, however, here’s part of the very first one (easily recognizable from its inclusion in “The 138th Episode Spectacular”) as it appeared on The Tracey Ullman Show:

That’s a 29-year-old Dan Castellaneta as the asshole ambulance victim.  There are many more at YouTube, or you can download all of them over at Simpson Crazy

Update: Damn, embedding disabled.  At least it’s only one click away. 


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