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Conspiracy Nuts Think Zombie Simpsons Predicts Nuclear Holocaust on Saturday

Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy9

“Scary, no?  And this guy’s head of the Spaceology Department at the Correspondence College of Tampa!” – Bart Simpson

Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your tinfoil hats, because YouTube user “truthwillfindyoubru” is about to avert a nuclear holocaust this Saturday!  I found it on a blog called “2012 THE AWAKENING”, the url of which is “ascendingstarseed”, so you know this is completely legitimate and above board.  Feast your Stonecutter-Illuminati-Black Ops-Freemason-Cult of Darius-CIA/MI6/007 eyes on this:

Or, you know, don’t.  Really.  Don’t.  But I did, all ten minutes and forty-four idiotic seconds of it.

The basic premise here is that the Zombie Simpsons episode “To Surveil With Love”, which I had more or less completely forgotten, foretells a “black flag” nuclear bomb attack scheduled for this Saturday the 6th of November, 2010.  The “black flag” part means that this nuclear detonation will be carried out by nefarious forces and blamed on someone else as a way to further the agenda of said nefarious forces.  Everybody got all that?  Good, let’s get to the tape.

The video starts out by rehashing the old conspiracist saw that  “City of New York vs. Homer Simpson” predicted the 2001 terrorist attacks crap.  If you’re unfamiliar with that bit of brilliant logic, here’s the screen grab that sent thousands of misguided people to their keyboards:

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson3

Definitive proof that Ian Maxtone-Graham is history’s greatest monster.

After that, the video mentions an episode of the X-Files spinoff “The Lone Gunman” where a plane doesn’t hit anything, a made for TV movie from 2005 about a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, and the bland and forgettable Nicholas Cage move “Knowing”.  Why?  Well, the first one obviously predicted the attack on the World Trade Center, because prior to that no one had ever thought of using a plane as a weapon.  The second one because hurricanes are so very rare in the Gulf of Mexico.  And the third one is obvious because that movie mentioned an oil rig fire and no offshore oil rigs have ever caught fire before Deepwater Horizon.  Once those not-at-all-insane connections have been made, we get a title card screen, “Now back to the point of this video”.  Very well, let us continue.

In case you, like me, don’t remember this particular piece of the haphazard scrawl that is Zombie Simpsons, here’s the FOX description:

A bomb squad mistakenly blows up Homer’s unattended gym bag, releasing radiation into the city and authorities react by suspending civil liberties.

Wiggum and his men install surveillance cameras around Springfield and round up suspected terrorists, including Groundskeeper Willie, but when monitoring the nonstop flow of video imagery proves to be too much, Wiggum enlists concerned citizens to help keep the city safe.

Meanwhile, Lisa becomes fed up with being blond, so she dyes her hair a dark color

Sadly, this video contains nothing about whether or not the world is ruled by a cabal of natural blondes who dye their hair.  Instead, it has things like this:

Idiotic Conspiracy1

The nuclear explosion seems self-evident, but the author felt the need to highlight it for us.  Why is the clock circled?  Because it tells us when the real nuclear bomb is going to go off.  I mean, duh:

Idiotic Conspiracy2

I’m not sure what a clock with a white face and black numbers has to do with freemasonry, but if their powers are so great as to control the level of contrast we perceive in the visible spectrum then we’re all doomed.  Just in case that lone, yellow arrow isn’t enough to make this subtle and perfectly logical message clear to you:

Idiotic Conspiracy3

See?  The fact that the clock is round clearly means that it’s a zero and the base a one and . . . holy shit we’re all gonna die!  Look:

Idiotic Conspiracy4

Almost certainly not?  I mean, it’s just a teevee show, and clocks are naturally round and . . . oh, you were looking for the answer “yes”?  Then “yes”:

Idiotic Conspiracy5

Touching your toes before you play sports is a stretch.  This is more of a baseless conjecture with no supporting evidence and a mountain of reasons why it’s stupid.  But please, go on:

Idiotic Conspiracy6

Wait, I thought it was the Freemasons.  Now it’s the Illuminati?  It must be, “apparently” they’ve infiltrated everything except the library board.  Or is Mrs. Glick’s stance on increasing the late fees part of something sinister?  And now, my favorite part:

Idiotic Conspiracy7

That is Grade A base covering.  If there is no nuclear detonation on Saturday (SPOILER ALERT: There won’t be.), it’s not because this whole thing is batshit crazy and dumber than a box of rocks.  It’s because enough people figured it out and the dark ones called it off.  The video concludes with a painfully sincere plea to share and copy this to “get this information out there!”, before recommending a bunch of other unhinged crap you can watch for further information.

I wouldn’t do that, nor would I ever want to watch “To Surveil With Love” ever again.  Besides, this episode had a far more terrifying component.  This was the one with the Kesha opening.  The horror.


Crazy Noises: To Surveil With Love

Radio Bart5

“Funky-See Funky-Do will back to lip-sync another one of their hits right after this.” – “Soul Mass Transit System” Host

In our continuing mission to bring you only the finest in low class, low brow, and low tech internet Simpsons commentary we’re bringing back our “Crazy Noises” series and applying it to Season 21.  Because doing a podcast smacks of effort we’re still using this “chatroom” thing that all the middle schoolers and undercover cops seem to think is so cool.  This text has been edited for clarity and spelling (especially on  “Kesha”, from which, as an editorial decision, we’ve decided to leave out the dollar sign).

I would like you to imagine two hypothetical people.  The first is a critically acclaimed and widely respected comedian who’s been popular for well over a decade.  The second is a pop star who has so far put out one hit song.  Now, imagine a hypothetical television comedy program.  Which of these two people would you expect to get top billing on an episode?

If you answered “the comedian”, then you would be hypothetically correct, unfortunately, Zombie Simpsons is only hypothetically comedic.

Charlie Sweatpants: Shall we get started?

Mad Jon: Sure, I want to tell you guys that after the couch scene I had to stop myself from calling you both to say I’m out.

  I refrained from any rash decisions, but it was close

Dave: I felt the same way. Anyone associated with the making of that clusterfuck should be embarrassed.

Charlie Sweatpants: I don’t know, the couch "thing" didn’t bother me that much. This show’s been dead for a long time, dumping perhaps the only remaining connection it had to its former self doesn’t bother me.

(Especially since they went to the HD opening last year.)

Mad Jon: My god. That really was a commercial. I don’t know what this Kesha chick has on what must be several members of various media outlets, but she doesn’t have good music and she is not attractive.

Dave: It was an affront to society, Charlie.

Charlie Sweatpants: Zombie Simpsons is an affront to society. Forgettable pop commercial or not.

Dave: Giving a animated stage to a trampy nobody sets a bad precedent for Americans.

Mad Jon: I am still angry and I watched it almost 3 hours ago.


Charlie Sweatpants: Sorry guys, I really can’t summon any anger over this.

  Yes it’s cheap, crass, and completely against everything "Simpsons", but how is that different from any other episode?

Mad Jon: It has offended me so much more than a normal zombie opening, I guess that’s all I was trying to say. It was quite visceral.

Dave: This was a concentrated dose of egregiousness, a swift kick to the nuts.

Mad Jon: But anyway I guess we can only kick that ugly horse for so long.

Just ugly.

Dave: Yeah let’s move on. There’s plenty more to bitch about.

Charlie Sweatpants: Hang on, isn’t there at least a chance that something this openly desperate turns off a few more people?

Dave: Or there’s the greater possibility that a new generation of idiots suddenly think the show is hot shit.

Mad Jon: Odds are the people who like Zombie Simpsons also like shitty pop music sung by girls that look like my scrotum stretched out.

Charlie Sweatpants: I see your point. So you guys think this is just part of the plan to hang on to whatever tiny amount of pop culture relevance sustains this show?

Dave: In a very tangible way, yeah.

Mad Jon: I think that as bad as they are at making funny cartoons, they know how easy it is to shoot the fish already in their retard barrel.

Charlie Sweatpants: Wait, the barrel is retarded?


Mad Jon: Probably based on the contents, I’m sure it rubs off.

Now, based on my anger from the opening, I don’t actually have a good memory of the bomb threat that leads to Ned becoming the camera guy.

Charlie Sweatpants: Burns and Smithers have become considerably less creative and less evil in the way they dispose of nuclear waste.

Mad Jon: Not surprised there…

Charlie Sweatpants: Homer leaves the plutonium in a train station and then the bomb squad blows it up.

Mad Jon: Oh yeah that’s right.

Charlie Sweatpants: I’m not surprised you don’t remember because they never mentioned it once for the rest of the episode.

Mad Jon: Unattended luggage

Charlie Sweatpants: Also, Duffman was there for a second, but he gave no reason for being there and left quickly.

Mad Jon: Didn’t he give out swag? Didn’t Barney win a day with Duffman in an earlier pre-zombie/zombie episode?

Charlie Sweatpants: When Homer goes to New York it’s because Barney sent in all the Duff points, is that what you’re thinking of?

Mad Jon: Yep, that’s the ticket

Charlie Sweatpants: But Duffman at least had a reason for being there.

Dave: Aren’t there multiple Duffmen?

Mad Jon: I dispute your previous reasoning not, I was merely pointing out the fact that once again they weren’t even trying.

Charlie Sweatpants: Dave, I think they mentioned there being multiple Duffmen, but I don’t care enough to take the .8 seconds required to Google it.

Dave: I don’t either and furthermore, it’s not really relevant.

Charlie Sweatpants: So they bring in all these cameras, right?

  Only, Eddie Izzard basically isn’t in the rest of the episode.

Dave: Yes sir. After they bring in the British stereotype.

  So much for that guest role.

Mad Jon: Is that who that was guest voicing?

Charlie Sweatpants: Yeah. For some reason Seth Rogen gets to write his own episode with himself in the starring role, but "cake or death" wasn’t good enough.

Mad Jon: Do you think that guest voices just do it over the phone nowadays? I bet he got the script moments before they started recording.

Charlie Sweatpants: Wouldn’t surprise me.

  But once the cameras do turn on, it becomes another one of those awful Homer and Ned are friends episodes.

Mad Jon: And very much a Ned as Not-Ned episode.

Ned would have just taken his children to the armageddon bomb shelter or something

  That was clearly a job for Mrs. Lovejoy

Charlie Sweatpants: Yeah, but that would require them to a) write a female character that isn’t Bart’s love interest, b) give a shit about their characters, and c) pass up all the easy-as-pie Flanders jokes.

  At this point he’s as one dimensional as Ralph and Comic Book Guy.

Mad Jon: That’s really heartbreaking. But I guess it’s that kind of heartbreaking you feel when your drunken wife beating uncle you hate starts doing heroin. You know you should feel bad, but you are so bitter you just wish Flanders was dead.

Dave: Much like the rest of Zombie Springfield, I suppose.

Charlie Sweatpants: But even if they’d kept Flanders for the main crux of the plot, they didn’t have any of the other characters even talk.

Marge was the only one, but she never did anything but start to worry.

Mad Jon: And they said "not pervy" right? Why was Smithers there? The man has the largest collection of Malibu Stacey dolls in the world!

Charlie Sweatpants: Maybe it’s cheaper to use his character model for whatever reason?

Mad Jon: Valid observation

  We still haven’t discussed the hair deal

Charlie Sweatpants: Ugh, that pitiful excuse for a B-plot?

Mad Jon: It’s been 20 years and I think this is the first mention that Lisa is blonde.

Dave: It was game over at the intro for me, guys. I’m just observing and nodding.

Mad Jon: I know your pain.

Charlie Sweatpants: Remember what I said earlier about not being able to write female characters? I submit the one-line debate teacher as Exhibit A, and the three line debate opponent as Exhibit B.

Dave: They were enablers.

Charlie Sweatpants: They were barely props.

And where did this debate team come from? Does it meet in the same room as the other fourth grade?

Mad Jon: That would explain the new brainy student we have never met before.

Charlie Sweatpants: The teacher especially, I don’t think she was even drawn into any of the other scenes.

Mad Jon: Not that I would dream of wasting energy explaining anything Zombie.

Dave: Look, the show had to inject a false sense of outrage and drama. How else were they going to do that without lifeless female characters?

Mad Jon: Couldn’t they have just given Lisa an eating disorder again?

Charlie Sweatpants: They already did that?

Dave: Yep.

Mad Jon: It’s not like they are against doing things over and over.

Charlie Sweatpants: I assume we don’t consider them clever enough to have deliberately paired the music video opening with jokes about airheaded blondes?

Mad Jon: No, that is not the case.

  That would be what we used to call subtle humor. That left this show more than 10 years ago.

Dave: That smacks of effort.

Charlie Sweatpants: Believe me, I didn’t think they did it intentionally. I just wanted to confirm your concurrence.

Mad Jon: That is something South Park would do, and then cover Kesha in a bucket of shit or something in the end, to remind everyone they are capable of all types of humor.

No, Someone at FOX said, "Make all the characters lip sync to this song sung by the ugly daughter of our CFO or we’re all fired."

Dave: Preach on, Jon.

Mad Jon: Preaching is for intangible ideas, I spout facts from my soapbox

Sorry, this is still really bothering me.

Dave: Truth bombs hurt.

Charlie Sweatpants: Okay, so we’re agreed that the music video was a horrible publicity stunt, the guest voice was wasted, the main plot was lazy and repetitive, and the sub plot was even lazier.

Anything else?

Dave: Chalmers.

Mad Jon: The end credits music?

  At least match the songs up. That was sooooo lazy.

Charlie Sweatpants: What are you talking about?

Mad Jon: The music over the end credits was not the Simpsons theme, or related to anything in the episode, or the opening music. Someone hit random on their complimentary iPod from last season and let it fly.

also Chalmers in a dress like Dave said.

Charlie Sweatpants: Yeah, the Chalmers thing was bad, but it was that same jock jams song that Duffman was using at the beginning. I agree it was bad, and there really was not one note of the theme song, but it did come from somewhere in the episode.

  And the Chalmers thing wasn’t nearly as bad as the Not Lunchlady Doris thing.

Mad Jon: Well, I stand corrected.

Dave: The jello bit?

Charlie Sweatpants: "Night Court" did a subtler job of replacing its little old ladies.

  The jello bit wasn’t funny on its own, attaching it to Not Lunchlady Doris was even worse.

Mad Jon: Good catch, I forgot about that.

Charlie Sweatpants: And she wasn’t even being her normal, ultra apathetic self.

  She was yelling at the kids to hurry up. The real Lunchlady Doris wouldn’t care.

Mad Jon: She really, really wouldn’t.

Charlie Sweatpants: Also, for reasons of unbelievably lazy staging and scene design, Nelson and Lisa were sitting at the same lunch table for some reason.

Dave: There was a lot wrong with the episode. There, I said it.

Mad Jon: Well that gave Lisa the opportunity to use her reason in front of the debate club person

Charlie Sweatpants: There, I agreed with it.

Mad Jon: or something….

Charlie Sweatpants: But it goes to laziness.

Mad Jon: Fair enough

Charlie Sweatpants: She could’ve still been in the cafeteria, she could’ve been walking by, or at the next table over. But instead they put her at the same table because they just don’t give a shit.

  Setting a scene isn’t something they do any more.

Dave: To your point earlier, Charlie, they’re props. Logic doesn’t have to apply. Just drop and animate, repeat.

Charlie Sweatpants: Pretty much.

Dave: There’s no craft, this is just mass-produced bullshit.

Er, easily-produced.

Charlie Sweatpants: Can’t it be both?

Mad Jon: Testify!


Synergy Salivates on Command

Skinner Box

Image from Wikimedia Commons. 

“And now boys and girls, here he is, the boy that says the words you’ve been longing to hear, like the salivating dogs that you are: Bart Simpson!” – Krusty the Klown

No two secondary characters are more associated with stereotypical Zombie Simpsons fandom than Ralph Wiggum and Comic Book Guy.  They went from uproarious diversions to main attractions, the one part of any episode the writers can be confident will cause well conditioned people to slap their fins together.  Synergy, being the corporate-fanboy id of Zombie Simpsons mentality, wallows in them:

We also got to see Ralph as a debate podium and listen to Comic Book Guy

Maybe I’m reading too much into what’s probably just another clumsy formulation written with one eye on the word count, but the phrasing of that jumped out at me.  “We” “got to”, like it’s some kind of treat, a fish you’ve been tossed as a reward for the good behavior of sitting through the rest of this crap: If you don’t turn the teevee off, we’ll make Ralph say something stupid!  We’ll have Comic Book Guy mention something geeky!  Like a broken down performer too deluded to know that there’s no shame in retirement, the show’s been reduced to promising to do the old tricks if you’ll just give them one more night at the old rate.

As always, I’ve edited out the synergy.

May 3, 2010 – Sunday night gave us another solidly crappy episode of The Simpsons Zombie Simpsons. This wasn’t an episode as good as last week’s "The Squirt and the Whale," [Ed note: leaving that alone because, really, you’re writing professionally, at least read it over once before hitting “submit”.] but there was still a lot of laughs filler and a fun dull storyline. And the twist ending made so little sense that it fogged the mind and helped elevate the audience forget everything that came before it . The Lisa storyline was a bit of a bore, but even that had a great line or two was stretched horrible to fill time.

In "To Surveil With Love," Springfield found themselves the victims of what they believed to be a terrorist attack that was never mentioned for the rest of the episode. That it was actually the result of Burns trying to secretly dispose of plutonium for some reason, and Homer’s love of mac and cheese was quite fitting typically lazy and even a not the least bit funny. The town’s overreaction plot conceit was to bring in a consultant from London who then covered the city with surveillance cameras. Eddie Izzard voiced the consultant page or two of dialog. This was a rather bland role, one that I wasn’t even sure was a guest voice until the closing credits made it clear how much of waste it truly was. It’s too bad that more something couldn’t have been done with the character since it was being voiced with someone with a reputation such as Izzard’s.

Still, the surveillance storyline was fun an excruciatingly dull grind. It made sense that Chief Wiggum would ditch the duties of monitoring the video to the town buttinskis, like Marge, Ned, Helen Lovejoy and others, but only Ned and Marge ever said anything, and only Ned ever did anything. Wiggum said they were the best picks because they were "prying, not pervy.", a description which for some reason applied to Kirk van Houten.  Once Ned learned that, for plot purposes, you could talk to those you’re monitoring, he became the local voice of god. I loved how Bart used his backside to discover the blind spot in his backyard and killed a lot of screen time doing so, and that he and Homer took full advantage of it to kill even more time. Best Most pointless was seeing Superintendent Chalmers wearing a dress and spinning nunchucks: "This used to be a tiny part of me." Homer showing Ned the problems with all the surveillance, and the two going around town destroying the cameras was a bit brain meltingly obvious, so it was nice that we got and could not be saved by a little twist. The cameras were actually broadcasting England’s number one reality series, "The American Oafs."

The B storyline with Lisa having issues with how blondes are perceived was the weak link in the episode and is the reason "To Surveil With Love" doesn’t score a bit higher just as formulaic and obvious. But even with this blah story, we got a few great lines they had a lot of time left to fill. I loved Bart explaining the blonde boys aren’t dumb, they’re evil: "Like in The Karate Kid and World War II." ate some clock. We also got to see Sensing how weak the whole thing was, they fell back on their old standbys and had Ralph as a debate podium and listen to Comic Book Guy explain his general malaise: "Would you be jolly if you thought Comic Con was moving to Anaheim?"

Overall, "To Surveil With Love" was a fun another wasted episode, hurt only by the uninteresting filler of Lisa dealing with blonde stereotypes that occupied almost its entire runtime. But And even that delivered its share of unmemorable quotes offenses to comedy. If the past few episodes are any indication, this season may will go out on a very high note as another disgrace to this once funny series.


Last Week: Bad Puns, This Week: Bad Blonde Jokes, Next Week: Knock Knock Jokes

Chalkboard - To Surveil With Love

“What’s he gonna do next, a flapping dickey?” – Jay Leno

It’s generally not a good sign when the cleverest writing of the week is the bubble-gum pop song that the network made you use for an opening.  But sometimes even two montages, a stick-figure story that doesn’t go anywhere, and Flanders making “tsk tsk” noises for no reason aren’t enough to fill your timeslot.  When that happens, you can always fall back on blonde jokes and meandering exposition.  And when I say meandering, I mean meandering, like Wiggum going on about chairs, Flanders explaining what he’s doing, and Lisa coming to terms with something about six times. 

Of course, there were plenty of small problems to go along with the big ones.  There was a criminally underutilized guest voice, a meaningless appearance by Duffman, another teacher we’ve never seen before, and a completely unnecessary desecration of Lunchlady Doris.  Oh, and there was that goofy, network mandated, music video opening which, combined with Bart’s non-nude nudity, served as yet another reminder that this show no longer has any creative or editorial independence whatsoever.  

The numbers are in and they’re up slightly from last week but still rock bottom by historical standards, even compared to the last few lowly rated seasons.  6.06 million viewers lost a little respect for Eddie Izzard last night.  That’s the first time since February that they’ve gone over six million, and only by the barest of margins.  All negative ratings trends remain in place. 


Sunday Preview: “To Surveil With Love”

Tonight’s edition of Zombie Simpsons, “To Surveil With Love,” has a silly A-plot involving terrorism, Springfield, and the Queen of England, and an equally ludicrous B-plot wherein Lisa transforms into a brunette. How the two logically fit is beyond me. If it’s anything like last week’s episode, the B-plot will be a flimsy lead-in to the main story, or it could just have nothing to do with anything, for which there’s also plenty of precedent. As ever, thanks to Simpsons Channel for the description. It’s not their fault the episode sounds like it’s going to be complete shit:

A bomb squad mistakenly blows up Homer’s unattended gym bag, releasing radiation into the city and authorities react by suspending civil liberties. Wiggum and his men install surveillance cameras around Springfield and round up suspected terrorists, including Groundskeeper Willie, but when monitoring the nonstop flow of video imagery proves to be too much, Wiggum enlists concerned citizens to help keep the city safe. Authorities install an overload of surveillance cameras – which her majesty the queen (Eddie Izzard) enjoys as a reality tv show. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes fed up with being blonde, so she dyes her hair a dark color.

Unusually, we also have a preview for the couch gag. It’s unsubtle, cross-promotional, circle-jerking at its finest:

For “Fox Rocks,” the Simpsons characters sing along to pop sensation Ke$ha’s smash hit “TiK ToK” during a special musical couch gag.

Will there be heavy-handed platitudes about terrorism’s impact on modern life? Will the pop-twat opening bit make us want to rip off our ears? Will Zombie Simpsons continue its one-way descent into obsolescence? We’ll have the answers to all these questions (and more!) in just a few hours.


EXCLUSIVE: Zombie Simpsons Couch Gag Preview! (Updated)

“Marge, I have always carried myself with a certain quiet dignity, tonight you robbed me of it.” – Homer Simpson

Only at Dead Homer Society, you can see the exclusive, sneak peak, first look, WORLD PREMIER of the couch gag for the May 2 Zombie Simpsons episode “To Surveil, With Love”:

Presumably they will animate it before it airs.

I wish I were kidding, but this morning reader Alex wrote in and tipped us off to this latest Zombie Simpsons nadir.  Behold, the press release from hell:

Don’t miss a note of “FOX Rocks,” a week of music-themed episodes kicking off Thursday, April 29 and airing through Wednesday, May 5.  Throughout the rockin’ week, FOX’s primetime series – including BONES, FRINGE, HOUSE, GLEE, THE SIMPSONS, THE CLEVELAND SHOW, FAMILY GUY, THE WANDA SYKES SHOW and AMERICAN IDOL – will feature a variety of musical elements.


THE SIMPSONS (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) – “To Surveil, With Love”

During a special musical couch gag, SIMPSONS characters sing along to Ke$ha’s smash hit “TiK ToK.”

Zombie Simpsons is farming out the couch gag.  Apparently they thought someone else could come up with a humorless, over-animated montage just  as good as theirs.  Or they breathed a sigh of relief when they realized this would help kill a few more precious seconds of screen time.  Either way, less work for them!  By the way, as of this writing, “Tik Tok” is #9 on the Billboard pop chart, down from #5 last week.  So, once again, Zombie Simpsons has missed its chance to be topical. 

Taking a step back, what we have here is a couch gag used to promote a hit song that was put out by an artist who (as far as we know) isn’t a guest voice, and all timed to coincide with FOX’s little musical week.  Didn’t this show used to pride itself on its lack of network interference?  I have imaginary friends who have more integrity than Zombie Simpsons. 

By the way, I’m setting the over/under on length for this little program-linked-advertisement at 40.5 seconds. 

Update at 5:07pm EDT: And the hits just keep on coming.  Via Alex’s Twitter feed I see that “American Idol” will be gracing Zombie Simpsons on May 23rd for the season finale.  I guess that advertisement for “24” they passed off as an episode a few years ago is considered such a classic that they decided to do it again.  Though, given the relative ratings for “American Idol” and Zombie Simpsons, it seems like this is more of a favor to Zombie Simpsons than from them. 


deadhomersociety (at) gmail

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