“Chapter 8, Let’s Talk Zombies. If a zombie bites you, you become a zombie. You must walk the Earth feeding on the brains of the living until the spell is broken.” – Bart Simpson

When two of my friends and I were plotting the website that eventually became this mini-book, we knew we’d need a term. People sometimes refer to the dreary years of the show as “modern” or “new” Simpsons. Or they’ll call the original seasons “classic” or “golden age” Simpsons. We needed something concrete to draw the line as clearly and brightly as possible.

We kicked around a lot of possibilities, but we settled on “Zombie Simpsons” quickly. It has a lot of small advantages. You can use it the same way in a sentence since it’s also a proper noun ending in “-impsons”. It has a similar sound and spelling. And besides, zombies are popular right now. But by far biggest reason was simply that it is dead-on accurate.

Zombies are mindless and heartless and would be dead if it weren’t for some terrible evil. Zombie Simpsons is mindless and heartless, and would be dead if it weren’t for News Corp.

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